Scott Pilgrim 3: They Seek Closure

Continuing from where we left off last time, Scott and Ramona were moving forward.

Our young slacker hero is finally about to put the kibosh on all those troubles with his past.

For those of you who came in late, Scott Pilgrim Volume 3 And The Infinite Sadness is by the esteemed Canadian writer/artist Bryan Lee O’MalleyScott Pilgrim meet Ramona Flowers.  They start dating.  Her Seven Evil Ex’s come to town.  Chaos and drama ensue.

Picking off directly after Volume 2, our couple have to deal both physically and emotionally with Envy and her idiot boyfriend Todd.  The negative aftereffects from the debris of Scott and Envy’s past relationship are still ingrained in him over a year later.  Tensions that Envy continues to flame, all to watch Scott twist in the wind, punctuate this Volume.  All for her sad lonely pleasure.  We have all met people like Envy.  Their internal loneliness and despair erupts onto everyone else with venomous hatred.  They know this.  But carry on with little regard to the damage they wrought.

Envy … Scott

Flashbacks illustrate to us the deterioration of Envy’s psyche.  A sweet girl who goes downhill and blames Scott for all evil in her life.  Scott is, of course, almost totally oblivious till the very end of the relationship.  He still spends far too much of his time and energy trying to please the unpleaseable Envy.  And to this day, he still doesn’t understand.

On the flipside of this reality is the many battles fought.  Todd is by far the most formidable opponent thus far, armed with powers far beyond those of mortal men.  At this point O’Malley is rapidly expanding the threat levels to Scott, and equally expanding the ingenious ways he gets our hero out of these nasty jams.  Ramona joins in with the chaos again, bringing the hammer of truth down on the situation.  She is so kickass.

Things are finally looking up for our favourite couple by the end of this part of their journey.  Happiness finally begins to take root and bloom.  Maybe even flower?  We shall soon see!

And I never liked the the band The Clash At Demonhead.  They are so yesterday.


P.S.  Scott Pilgrim is copyright 2012 to Bryan Lee O’Malley.  My review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 1 Precious Little Life is here.  My review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 2 Versus The World is here.

P.P.S.  And thank you again to my friends Victoria, Katherine, and Gianna for bringing Scott and Ramona into me.  And thank you to my brother Mark for loaning me his copies.


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