Scott Pilgrim 4: They Fight

Springing forth from where we last left off, Scott and Ramona are becoming a mature couple.

Will they survive this trip into adulthood?

And once more into the breach with a short summary.  Scott Pilgrim Volume 4 Gets It Together is written and drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley.  Slacker Scott Pilgrim meets enigmatic Ramona Flowers.  They date and are hounded by her Seven Evil Exe’s.  And life happens.

In their shared reality now enters a little something foreign to Scott called responsibility.  To prove he is serious to Ramona, our hero does the unthinkable and gets a job.  This momentous occasion escalates their relationship as well, causing Ramona to suddenly become the insecure one.  If Scott finally does what she has always wanted him to do, it means they are a couple.  A concept in theory and in practice that scares the heck out of her.  Does this mean he loves her?  Does this mean they should (shudder) move in together?

For Scott all this equals is leaving behind the bored quasi-adolescent lifestyle of navel gazing.  This step just seemed like some nebulous fuzzy future thing that should never come.  But for the lovely Ramona, it has to happen.  Scott is finally making the mental leap, while still not fully understanding it.

One thing Scott does fully get at this stage, load and clear, is the old commandment Thou Shalt Not Cheat.  With the arrival in Toronto of the aforementioned Lisa, Scott and Ramona are conflicted to say the least.  For him, she is an ancient, virtually forgotten history from years gone by.  For her, she is a very real threat, someone to be grouchy about.  For Lisa, Scott is still the one.  Pressure builds and builds.  The fight scenes aren’t the only place with intense damage here.

Speaking of damages, the reality bending carnage illustrated in this Volume includes a sword fight, a bus, subspace escapes, a verbose ninja girl, a Tardis purse, and wild trips into dreamscapes.  And that is waaaay before the relative insanity of the final battle.  Scott’s growing up becomes even more evident with the conclusion of this Volume.  Sometimes the best way to win a fight is to not fight.  I think Yoda said that.

Happy endings abound for Scott and Ramona and the future is looking rosy.  Or is it?  Calm meets storm, and with two more Volumes to go, the universe is bound to snap back.

And I sure hope the recording sessions for Sex Bob-omb go well.


P.S.  Scott Pilgrim is copyright 2012 to Bryan Lee O’Malley.  My review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 1 Precious Little Life is here.  My review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 2 Versus The World is here.  And my review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 3 And The Infinite Sadness is here.  Whew!

P.P.S.  And thanks again to my friends Victoria, Katherine, and Gianna for bringing Scott and Ramona into me.  And thank you to my brother Mark for loaning me his copies.


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