Going Digital. One Device At A Time.

People have always said I was an early adopter of new technology, a declaration which only partly rang true to my sensibilities.  Yes, while in College, I became heavily invested in learning all the nooks and crannies of our newsroom’s new tabloid printer.  Some months later, a rather new, rather large, and rather clunky digital camera also graced our newsroom, and became an object of fascination for me.

Years later, while running the computer department of a now defunct newspaper, negative scanners (remember them?), and zip drives (another relic) passed into my existence.  But the big one at the time was when we started transforming the entirety of our completed issues into a PDF file.  What sounded so mysterious and eccentric at the time to everyone else was mostly second nature for me, since I had already dabbled with this Abode product.

Other those professional forays, their was no movement outside of work to plunge into the digital pool.  Well, except for the internet of course.  And an ipod nano given as a Christmas gift.  But isn’t that a given?

Change began for us in February 2011 when our contracts with our cell provider was up.  Convincing my wife to switch companies is somewhat akin to launching a Mars probe, my only hope was to upgrade our cells, made around the ancient year of 2005, into something newer and shinier.

And that was when the Blackberry’s entered our lives.  And the parade of wonder and greatness started.  We had absolutely no idea how these blessed things worked, but within two months all aspects from the calendar to apps were pretty much mastered by us.  To say we have entered full force with a screaming vengeance into the world of smartphones is an understatement.  These portable computers, outfitted with that phone attachment thingy, have literally hundreds of features to help you through your day.  And I am sure more functions still await our discovery.

Feeling rather emboldened by this leap, we ventured into another huge chunk of unknown territory.  In April 2011 we excitedly ditched the video tapes and plugged in a new PVR.  Ours is a bargain basement variety from our local cable provider, but even this is a revelation.  Programing for the coming week is simple and efficient, and never having to sort video tapes anymore in a vain attempt to find the next episode of your favourite show is such a relief.

With these changes over a year old, we can hardly believe what our lives were like before the tools we now possess.  Sounds sad, but the ease these digital extensions make our existence is overwhelming.  My story is only the beginning here, with the Blackberry and PVR just scratching the surface.  With ereaders blooming all over, maybe that will be our next adventure.

I am very fascinated and engaged in this future journey.  Some say I always have been.



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