Scott Pilgrim 7: They Make A Movie

Ramona.  Scott.  They Are The Cutest Couple In The World.  And they go through a lot.  And that’s what makes them supremely cool.

But first the pertinent details.  Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World is the big screen adaptation of the world famous Scott Pilgrim graphic novels series by Canadian writer artist Bryan Lee O’Malley.  Massive slacker Scott starts dating the wickedly cool Ramona, whose Seven Evil Exe’s are in hot pursuit.  Getting their relationship launched, while dodging these ceaseless surreal attacks, zips you through the movie.

Got all that?  Good, because it is the absolutely last time I am ever recapping it.  Forever.  Whew.  Wait, didn’t I say that before?

So, to start off this story, what is the first part?

They Meet.  Even with Scott “dating” another, younger, girl, he is immediately smitten with Ramona Flowers.  She is this wonderful snap to his feeble reality.  Even her hair colour change only temporarily throws him.  But an early monkey wrench occurs, causing them to…

They Relive The Past.  The spectre of Ramona’s past with Evil Ex Gideon, coupled with Scott having his insecurities resurface because his ex Envy is back in town (and being exceptionally nasty), makes for troubles on the frontier of this budding romance.  Which means our heroes must do the following…

They Seek Closure.  Scott achieves this emotional turning point first, with Ramona catching up much later.  It is not always easy, but Scott is finally starting to grow up.  But problems still persist, which means…

They Fight.  Scott’s old idiotic decisions rear their ugly head, which paired with his moronic denial of past mistakes, create a cocktail of volatility.  Leaving Ramona with no choice but to…

They Depart Each Other.  Leaving Scott wandering the street aimlessly, meandering along and being pulled back into his old pathetic slacker ways.  Her loss to him is devastating, almost crippling.  Will they ever reconcile?  Let’s hope so, because…

They Are In Love.  Okay, I kinda maybe give away the ending here.  Possibly.  But I still think most everyone watching this movie will figure out the ending long before it happens.  And the main point still is, They Are In Love.

One of the Evil Exe’s.

This structure mirrors the main beats from the series, with only slight details moved or altered or deleted to fit the flow and time limitations here.  What really ramps up with this version is the crazy insane spellbinding reality boinking fight scenes.  Ancient laws of physics are butchered or suspended for these wild and wooly video gamesque fight sequences.  My favourite of all is when Scott becomes a living puppet for Ramona when they duke it out with one psycho young lady.

By the time you reach the end of this rollercoaster of fights both emotional and physical, you will be pumped for Scott and Ramona.  They survive baggage resurfacing and flaming swords of understanding.  Scott even manages to get a life.  Which comes in very useful before the end.

Scott and Ramona’s time together is amazing and fun.  Their colourful roster of friends bring all sorts of background to this tale.  We all want this wonderful story to continue, the lives they live shown to us more.  Scott and Ramona live in our hearts forever.

By the way, Scott’s band Sex Bob-omb is much better without him.


P.S.  Scott Pilgrim is copyright 2012 to Bryan Lee O’Malley.  My review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 1 Precious Little Life is here.  My review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 2 Versus The World is here.  And my review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 3 And The Infinite Sadness is here.  And one more time, my review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 4 Gets It Together is here.   Finally, my review of Scott Pilgrim 5 Vs The Universe is here.  Well, the REAL finally is my review of Scott Pilgrim Volume 6 Finest Hour is here.  Whew!

P.P.S.  And many thanks again to my wonderful friends Victoria, Katherine, and Gianna for making Scott and Ramona a part of me with this movie.  And thank you to my brother Mark for loaning me his copies of the graphic novels.

P.P.P.S.  Scott is played by Michael Cera.  Chris (Captain America) Evans is one the Evil Exe’s.  Director Edgar Wright also helmed Hot Fuzz.


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