Radio On Your BlackBerry. That Would Be A Good Idea.

Despite the sarcasm of my headline, this has been a very real cause for me over the last year and a bit.

My naivety on the subject of apps, especially those available for the Blackberry market, was very marked at the beginning of my quest.  Frankly I thought finding quality worthwhile apps would be simple and efficient, especially in this regard of listening to the radio.

But this simple matter proved increasingly frustrating.  The only free app I discovered did not work in the slightest, whether in the suburban area inhabited by me, or in the middle of the media heartland of the downtown core.  Even praying to the ghost of Murrow gained no results.

Which bothers my sensibilities to no ends.  In a perfect tech world, a free app would exist to allow someone, anyone, to wander the streets or malls and hear whatever local radio stations they wished to.  Much as I enjoy the numerous podcasts and occasional music that fills my trusty ipod, sometimes a radio show or news report are required listening.

Quite frankly, what I really want is to get CBC Radio and 680News whenever the heck my heart desires.  News, information, and excellent interviews should and could be at everyones fingertips.  Yes, most CBC Radio shows are also podcasts, several of which I am subscribed to, and the info 680News provides is replicated in their twitter feed, that I follow as well, but sometimes hearing the raw source material itself speaks volumes more.  The reality versus the distant replay.  Breaking News events would gain these respective organizations even more of an abundant audience if they were readily available on mobile devices and smart phones.  Thus higher ratings.  Thus happier bosses.  What part of this equation eludes these corporations is beyond me.

If anyone knows of a good, free, reliable radio app for the Blackberry, please let me know.  It confounds our digital age this isn’t in my hands right now.


P.S.  The only free app I have ever seen matching this description is the Stitcher one.  But it is not available on the Blackberry.

P.P.S.  In September 2014 I purchased a new Blackberry.  The new system on it has an FM radio built into it, with the headphones designed to be the receivers.


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One Response to Radio On Your BlackBerry. That Would Be A Good Idea.

  1. Stacey says:

    There’s tons. I haven’t tested them, though. 🙂 All use bandwidth/data — so it depends on your plan as to how much you want to use them.

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