Three Random Thoughts On Television

Catching up over the past few months with television new, slightly new, and definitely old!

Saving Hope
This new canuck series has Lois Lane about to marry Hawkman, but then he falls into a coma and does a Spectre imitation.  Okay, not really.  Erica Durance (Lois from Smallville) is a young doctor in love with her mentor (Hawkman from Smallville) who is injured and falls into a coma on the way to their wedding.  Now she must cope with living her life while he is trapped living his afterlife, all going on during the course of the day at the hospital.  And so far colour me unimpressed.  The medical emergencies dealt with here are very ho-hum, and how long is Hawkman gonna lay comatose?  Meh.

Green Lantern
DC decided to follow the very lacklustre Green Lantern movie with the very lacklustre Green Lantern cartoon.  This glacial paced toon has GL in deep space trying to wage a war with the Red Lanterns and learn moral lessons and such.  While it does pick up the pace abit towards the end of the season, my don’t-care-a-meter is riding pretty high here.  What happened to the glory days of DC television animation?

Sakura Wars
While technically a movie (okay, not technically, it is) Sakura Wars Together We Stand is a very cool anime set in an alternative Earth with a group of young ladies defending civilization using really neat powers, abilities, and armour.  Steampunk fans will enjoy this jaunt, as would anyone wanting character based action.  The fight that culminates on the ferris wheel was, to channel my hip younger self, wickedly cool.

So, two out of three ain’t bad.  But what I am really waiting for is the return of Once Upon A Time this fall.  Yay!!


P.S.  Saving Hope is copyright 2012 to CTV.  Green Lantern is copyright 2012 to DC Comics.  Sakura Wars is copyright 2012 to Sega.


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