Three Random Thoughts On The Iron Giant

Waaaay back in 1999, a movie came out that flew under everyone’s radar, a modern classic which blossomed in my heart into one of an absolute favourites.  It is sweet, it is touching, and it is filled with a wonderful messages.  It is called The Iron Giant.

The Plot:
Set in the 1957, during the height of Cold War paranoia, a lonely boy in a small town discovers and befriends something stranded here from the stars.  It is a giant childlike robot who chomps down on anything metal lying around.  Cars are nice.  But a government agent is hot on their trail, all while the boy helps his new pet robot recover it’s memory.  And everything comes together in the end!

The Characters:
We start off with the giant, who conveys so much emotions to us with so little facial features, and with a mechanized voice provided by Vin Diesel, we love and care for this strange visitor.  Next is the boy Hogarth, who is smart and likeable, but with a loneliness so palpable you yearn to give him a hug.  Dean is a beatnik, an artist, and the coolest dude you could ever want to hang out with.  But he should never have given Hogarth coffee.  These three are magnificent together!

The Theme:
As Hogarth tells the Giant, you can choose who you want to be.  And this critical idea propels us all through the movie, and is especially important at the conclusion.  Take this message to heart, see the wonderment of the ending, and try to keep your eyes dry.  The Iron Giant chooses.  And chooses wisely.

The Iron Giant is a charming, touching movie that will cause you to think.  Loosely based on the children’s book by Ted Hughes, filmmaker Brad Bird from The Incredibles provides us with something mesmerizing.  It is simply beautiful.


P.S.  The Iron Giant is copyright 2012 to Warner Bros.

P.P.S.  When my Googliebear and I saw The Iron Giant in the theatre, we were the only ones present.  That was sad.


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