The Power Cord. My New Best Friend.

One of the many lessons imparted to me with my acquisition of a smartphone last year, namely my ever-present Blackberry, is the always pressing need of a dependable power supply.  Everyone on the interwebs will now quickly mention the battery that comes with the device upon purchase.  Well, they are all quite right.

But virtually all net usage will slowly, inevitably, drain the battery down quite abit.  If you think about checking twitter, facebook, email, and a blog while walking through a mall shopping, be prepared to charge up very soon thereafter.  This situation becomes even worse if Wi-Fi is activated and in use.  To combat this on these shopping trips I carry on my person the Blackberry’s power cord.  And it has come in darn handy a few times as well.  Also populating the backpack, at the suggestion of one of my tech savvy friends, is a spare battery always fully charged.

Businesses for the most part do not seem to mind the clientele plugging in and using their juice, whether for a quick boost or a complete recharge.  Cafes have for years idolized this concept, mostly because it helps promote their eclectic bohemian ambiance, and because they want the foursquare and facebook places checkins.  One area which is conspicuous in it’s absence from this trend are the many shopping malls I have frequented.  Finding an outlet in a food court has proven exceptionally difficult, and they barely exist in their lounge like seating areas.  Being able to sit down, relax, plug in. and log on for a few minutes while on a shopping trip strikes me as fairly reasonable, and would have the added bonus making the customer happy.  A win win for all involved.

One solution to this power dilemma was recently illustrated to me at a screening of Serenity.  A Browncoat sitting behind me dropped his phone when he got up at one point, and when leaving I found it under my seat.  The grateful gentleman then pulled another device from his pocket.  It was a portable battery.  You plug it into a wall outlet to top it off, take it with you, then connect it to your smartphone whenever you require a boost.  I was astonished.  And more tech savvy friends of mine are shaking their heads at my naivete.  I never inquired about the price, but I am sure it is not exorbitant.

So between the power cord, spare battery, and the possibility of a portable battery, long jaunts away from home are becoming slightly more cumbersome.  But in order to work these wonderful miniature computers we refer to as smartphones, they are required.  That is, until more businesses and malls kindly provide more outlets.  I really wish they would catch up with technology.  Maybe someday?



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