Jinx. She Is All Grown Up.

You blink and they grow up so fast. Especially if you are reading Li’l Jinx.

And trust me you will want to read these adventures of Jinx, just as she is about to enter a new phase of her life.

Jinx was originally a gag strip character published for decades by Archie Comics. She was then called Li’l Jinx and had misadventures, fueled by her spunkiness, temper, and crazy interactions with her motley assortment of friends. Arguing with her dad, sometimes during whichever sport Jinx was involved with, also became a constant fixture of this series created by Joe Edwards.

With all the relaunches, redos, and revitalizations exploding out of Archie Comics in the last few years, the decision was made to completely innovate the Li’l Jinx character by doing the unthinkable and impossible. She went from being four to fourteen overnight. And now she is firmly planted in the real world.

This wonderful update is written by Canadian J. Torres, who with artist Rick Burchett, started off doing teaser one page gags scattered through issues of Life With Archie magazine. This graduated to showcasing the first few chapters of her new storyline in the Archie comic, with the rest continued online digitally. Once this premiere arc concluded, Archie released everything in a very spiffy trade now in my happy possession.  I am as happy as Jinx!

We start off with Jinx getting ready for her very first day of high school, all while deciding exactly what the very best outfit to wear is, and half listening to the diatribe from her very concerned father. His worry is palpable. Jinx is still outgoing, outspoken, and outrageous. Will she adapt to the social minefields of grade nine? Or will she end her first day with detention for mouthing off or decking someone? Or, heaven forbid, both?

Jinx and her friends quickly become enmeshed with all sorts of modern day issues that occur naturally in their lives. First, our heroine is ensnared in the no cellphones rule immediately upon entry to her new school. What follows throughout the rest of this volume is Jinx and her cohorts dealing with the thorny issues of where to sit in the lunchroom, when is a boyfriend really a boyfriend, and the price that is paid for the ugly terrible face of petty jealousy. All this with a good fair amount of texting involved.

At the capper of this volume of Jinx, we have only covered a short period of time of Jinx and her crew starting the new adventure called high school. So many story threads and character beats still exist and dangle in front of us, just awaiting further volumes to tell their tales.

Jinx is positively addictive. More is requested. More is required. Jinx would demand so too.


P.S. Jinx is copyright 2012 to Archie Comics.

Jinx After…

Jinx Before…


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