A Tale Of Two Apps.

Two examples have roamed my mind for a long time now on the power of apps.  Both of these thoughts relate to how some companies are fully utilizing the power of mobile to their advantage, and some seem quietly missing.  My long held assumption that all the major players are already in the apps game appears unfounded.

Way back when we acquired our Blackberries in February 2011, we took the plunge into the world of apps, especially the free ones.  It was already well known to us that literally thousands of apps of all shapes and sizes exist, and with sorts of functions both useful and extremely useless.

One of the earliest apps we grew to love was from Cineplex.  This movie theater chain has given us a seamless, fully integrated, and easily navigated app which makes our trip to the local multiplex much more of a joy.  While we have not bought tickets on the app, mainly because my wife still fears e-commerce somewhat, it is still convenient to have that option open to us.  Now if only the Cineplex website allowed the user to pay with more then gift card at a time, that would be nice.

For quite a few months now, one very obvious app has never come to out attention.  Food lovers across Canada are, and I reason to guess I am right on this, eagerly awaiting a Swiss Chalet app.  Currently to order dinner or whatnot from them requires use of the smartphone’s web browser, which is not always the easiest way of accomplishing this.  And certain items are not available through the website, an aspect I fail to understand.  This coupled with a confusing interface when paying makes the entire process slightly annoying.

So while we give a big thumbs up to the great work put into the Cineplex app which does it’s job and then some, an equally big thumbs down goes to Swiss Chalet for being nowhere on this integral customer service issue.  It is now 2012, do you know where your apps are?



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