My Harry Potter Progress Report

Hermione. She is always right. So listen to her!

Waaay back some months ago I decided in my infinite wisdom to partake a new reading project, one which was aimed to begin in January.  Instead of starting then, my decision moved to instead clear out the massive pile of magazines and such accumulated over time.  With that finally done, the project delayed since January became my new life for the summer.

I stood tall and proud, pointed my wand at my local library and proclaimed Accio Harry Potter!!

And with that I finally immersed myself body and soul into the wonderful world of Mr. Potter.  And I finally get what Accio means.

I now know who this is.

Besides my total and complete enjoyment of everything J.K. has written, it is also extremely fascinating to now “get” almost all those references Potterheads have been throwing around me all this time.  I say almost because just last night the last page of Order of the Phoenix was consumed by my hungry eyes.  So yes, the last two books are still a partial mystery to me, and avoidance of spoilers has become a Triwizard event I excel at.  Mostly.

See, another Potter riff now mastered by moi.  Which means a whole new vocabulary has been generated inside my already overstuffed cranium, nudging aside Hunger Games facts and Scott Pilgrim feelings.

Throwaway lines mixed with little bits that matter later coupled with Hermione always being the smartest person in the room, means this lexicon of greatness is now at my fingertips.  Now when someone says Butterbeer, Padfoot, or Floo Powder, I instantly click into full geek mode and smile knowingly.  Even Grawp is rapidly becoming a favourite new term, er, character.  By the way, Tonks rocks.  Just thought I would throw that in.

They are going to kick some Death Eater butt.

So all the time nowadays I will randomly throw in obscure and not so obscure Harry Potter bits into my conversations with fellow Potterheads.  Even my Googliebear is not immune from my meandering Potterisms.  Calling every beverage Butterbeer can be annoying to her, but when I said someone in the news was as stupid as Barnabas the Barmy, she stared like I was babbling gibberish.  But really, training trolls to do ballet?  I still chuckle.

This summer of discovery has been an enlightening one for me.  Harry Potter and J.K. Rowling have taken up permanent residence inside my soul.  Two more books and my Hogwarts schooling will be complete, I will pass my OWLS and NEWTS will flying Firebolts and become a world famous Quidditch Seeker.

Now I just have to pick my Hogwarts house.  Accio Sorting Hat!


P.S. Harry Potter is copyright 2012 to J.K. Rowling.


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