Eleven Random Thoughts About Dr Who

Very very soon, because the exact date is not known quite yet, we will all be enjoying the new season of Dr Who.  Everyone’s favourite Time Lord will give us even more thrills and chills and Amy and Rory!  So without further delay, here is my Eleven Random Thoughts on Gallifrey’s most famous renegade.

11.  The show started in the 1960’s, vanished from the late 1980’s to early 2000’s because of imbeciles, and is now back in full force.  It just shows you, it is impossible to keep a good Time Lord down!

10.  Of all the amazing actors to play the good Doctor, it seems like the most popular by far was David Tennant, even outstripping the one I grew up with Tom Baker.  All over the space time continuum I can hear all the ladies (and some men) swooning for Tennant.

9.  The Doctor Who Fan Orchestra.  Just check out their facebook page.  That is all.

8.  I can never look at a statue the same way ever again.

7.  Torchwood, the most excellent spin-off starring the most talented John Barrowman.  This series is the far more harder edged sci-fi then the Doctor, and has the very annoying habit of killing off characters at an alarming rate.  But when these shows crossed over, it was pure gold.

6.  I have had the good fortune of knowing two Amy Ponds in my life.  One I have met (Hi Elizabeth!) and one I have not (Hi Patricia!).  From those two, and from the character of Amy, I now know that Gingers are a force to be reckoned with.  And sometimes they learn archery.

5.  My first Doctor was number four, Tom Baker.  Didn’t it seem like he played the part for like ten glorious years?  And didn’t we love every single one of them?  Still tear up whenever I see K-9, Sarah Jane, or a Jelly Baby.

4.  So which is bigger on the inside: The Tardis or Hermione’s handbag in Deathly Hallows?  The jury is still out on this one, but I think the edge is on the Tardis because it’s got a pool.  Why yes, I am reading Deathly Hallows right now, why do you ask?

3.  The fans of the Doctor are the best ever.  They have a Dr Who Society, Dr Who books (Who Is The Doctor?), and the most amazing costumes this side of Milliways.  And double Gryffindor points to me for crossing the Geek streams.

2.  I want a Sonic Screwdriver now.  For real.  Why didn’t Steve Jobs invent this?  Or Einstein?  Not Bill Gates, because then it would crash all the time.

1.  This is the easiest one for me.  Dr Who gave a favourite line of mine to collective fandom.  Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey.  Explains any and all plot holes or logic leaps the show encounters.  You know the writers of Lost wished they had thought of this first.  Imagine Hurley saying that?

With this list, my yearning for the return of Mr. Matt Smith and cohorts to my television screen is immense.  If I can just find a Tardis, I could get their faster.  Or something like that.  I think.  Now my head is starting to hurt.



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2 Responses to Eleven Random Thoughts About Dr Who

  1. David T.G. Riches says:

    Well to make a few points. Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey.
    Second, your first Doctor was John Pertwee. The Third doctor who drove a yellow model T and first fought the Master and the Autons and the inflatable Chair that smothered a man to death. You would not sit in big inflatable chairs or their likes for months.
    Seventh, you went to York University with me for the Dr Who Convention in 1989. We bought the Tardis, Darleks (say it with a Scottish accent), and smiled at the videos. Right after the Beeb yanked the good Doctor off the air for other fun stuff. So he was only off the air for a dozen years.
    Ninth, I always thought you were a Romanadvoratrelundar fan more than the others like Sarah Jane or Liz Shaw or General Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart though you did seem to quote a lot of Rose Tyler a few years ago. Where all this Amy Pond love come form is anyone’s guess.
    First and foremost are you sure you want a Sonic Screw Driver and not say Tardis closet? What about your Star Trek Tri-Corder or phaser or com-badge? Oh wait didn’t I get you a Star Trek Next Generation Com-badge in 1987?
    Fourth, didn’t you build a K-9 in art class at school?
    Tenth, Would you like to rank your Dr.Who Villains or Monsters for us? Maybe five random best Dr Who Villains or monsters followed b the rand five worst and your arguments for that ranking.
    Eighth, you felt the same way about statues in 1977 when you saw the Daemons. Could not take you past a Gothic church downtown without you getting goosebumps or need to go to the bathroom. So don’t blame the tenth Doctor and his angels for that.
    Third, Never forget the Dr Who Information Network the original and still going fan organization that runs almost hand in hand with the Doctor Who Society. The kept the support going when the only Doctor was to be found in novels.
    Fifth, the best spin-off is the Sarah Jane Chronicles. Better than the blipverts of Pond Life, better than Torchwood, and sadly better than K-9 & Company. Sarah Jane Chronicles was a throwback to the original Doctor’s roots as educational and kids programing.
    Eleventh, you not only crossed over Harry Potter with Doctor Who but you also crossed over Lost. Are you sure you didn’t get lost 3 million miles into space like Red Dwarf or just take a 3 hour tour like the S.S.Minnow? Did you at least pose with a certain Delorean? I’ll Be Back.
    Sixth and last for Now, September first 2012 the New Seventh Season of Doctor Who debuts in Canada (on Space The Imagination Station), U.S. of A. (on BBCAmerica), and of course the in the U.K. (on the original BBC). Don’t miss it!

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