Eleven Random Thoughts About Torchwood

The wonderful and very much more darker spin-off of the hit BBC show Dr Who is called Torchwood.  The question of how Great Britain (and by extension the planet Earth) survives alien invasions, incursions, and police actions when the good Doctor is not in the neighbourhood is answered here.  So now with great fanfare, here is my Eleven Random Thoughts on the anagram that is Torchwood.

11.  This is the more mature, more adult, more rated R version of sci-fi.  From sexuality to grey moral decisions to horrifying terrors, Torchwood is not for the squeamish.

10.  The amazing John Barrowman plays Captain Jack, our immortal hero who is stuck with making all the hard decisions.  And in real life he is an acclaimed stage actor and singer.  A worthy addition to the Who mythos.

9.  Never get to attached to any member of Torchwood, they tend to meet untimely deaths.  Quite often.  Sometimes more than once.

8.  Best guest star?  The hand in the jar.

7.  First season is slightly wobbly.  Second season much better.  Stick with it, trust me.

6.  I loved to the point of craziness the third season, Torchwood: Children Of Earth.  All aspects of these five episodes were amazing and chilling in equal amounts.  And the ending is brutally savage.  Wow.

5.  Following that is season four, Torchwood: Miracle Day.  What started as a great concept, quickly became a complete mush of awful.  Really had to force myself through this one.

4.  But the episodes of Dr Who where Torchwood did a crossover was The Best Ever!!!  I have seen it about five times.  Right now mentally jumping for joy at this memory.

3.  Jack and Gwen.  Gwen and Jack.  This is one weird almost love story.

2.  While the Doctor makes Fez’s work, Jack makes trenchcoats work.  The fashion sense of time travellers is unparralled.

1.  Another season is somewhere in our future.  My complete and utter hope is that it will fix the massive damage from Miracle Day.  Crossing fingers and toes.

So now with this list, I feel more than ready to forgive Miracle Day and embrace with open arms whatever the newest Torchwood provides.  When it will happen, we do not know, but my hope it will be soon.  That would be simply marvelous.



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