FanExpo 2012! Coverage!! Contests!!!

This will be the last post before the pulse pounding excitement that is FanExpo 2012.  Soon I shall be living breathing and blinking all things Geekiness, surrounded with much of the same types of people.  It shall be glorious!

Scoops Mental Propaganda has plans for extensive coverage of various parts of the show.  To start with my twitter feed will be giving out continual updates of what is happening around me, all sorts of pictures of the amazing costumes, and lots and lots of of my hysterical humour (One joke everyone thought was funny last year.  One joke.  Sigh.).

My twitter handle is @Scoopriches.  Just click on the name and ye shall find me.

And with this years FanExpo, we have Two (2) Contests running here on SMP!


Come onto this blog and leave a comment.  That’s it.  Login and Comment on something here.  All comments are moderated by me, and SMP is Rated PG, so anything not nice will not make it onto the interwebs here, and henceforth not qualify.


Scoops Mental Propaganda is also on facebook.  So if you go onto facebook, click “Like” on the SMP page, you will be entered into the second contest.  That’s it.  Click Like.  The only clause is that facebook doesn’t let you view who has clicked Like until you have reached 30 people.  So unfortunately, this contest might not be done until the magic 30 is hit.  And if I wrong about facebook, please tell me.


Glad you asked!  Each contest has a wonderful prize of an Amazon giftcard worth $20!!  And yes, you can enter both contests!  So you could win twice!!


You can enter till Tuesday, September 4th, 2012 at 12 midnight.  Winners announced shortly thereafter.  When I wake up the next day.

So that is the excitement of my two contests!  Hope to see you at FanExpo!  And can’t wait to see all your entries!!



About scoopsmentalpropaganda

Married to beautiful wife. Always learning a ton of stuff. Geek with too much useless knowledge. fb page:!/pages/Scoops-Mental-Propaganda/192314550819647 twitter & twitpic: Scoopriches AboutMe Page: This site is an @Scoopriches production
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3 Responses to FanExpo 2012! Coverage!! Contests!!!

  1. JoJo-kun says:

    Hi there! You took my picture at Fan Expo today so I thought I’d drop in and say hi. I was one of the Ms. Marvel cosplayers. 🙂 I am now entered into your contest! ;D

  2. David T.G. Riches says:

    how come you have no pictures of you and your brothers at the show? You ashamed of them or something? Why yes I am entered in your contests now.

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