Scoops FanExpo 2012 Adventures!! Much Merriment!!

Dan DiDio. Scoop. Together Again.


This one word (??) evokes so much to so many.  Fun.  Merriment.  Excitement.  Craziness.  Insanity.  All these and more collide inside of us, causing a giddiness that lasts for days and days.  And rightly so.

Having just returned from this blessed event, I am now scrambling to asses and assemble all of my emotions churned up these last few days.  Also, processing and cataloging everything I have acquired, which now sits in various piles around the bedroom.  Googliebear wants it all downstairs as soon as possible, to reside peacefully in my mancave.

One of the first Hogwarts students I met.

But first, back to the Care Bear Stare moments.  Over the years, I have met literally a million Geeks of all types and styles, and FanExpo is the annual gathering for us.  On the friday, I trolled around and bothered Scott and Carla, who parade around in the best outfits.  My travels continued with finding the first of many Hogwarts students looking for the Room Of Requirement, and after kinda visiting Moaning Myrtle, I almost collided with @Os_Blogger (do not look into his eyes!) and Mirna.  More wanderings followed, with a whole flock of female Robins popping up all the time, with Batgirls being a close second, and Supergirls in third.

Right about this time (or was it before?  Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey) I was a guest at the Wedding Of The Century!  It all started with the 501st Legion bring the Star Wars bling, continues with quoting Spiderman not once but twice in the Ceremony, has the Green Lantern oath during the ring exchange, and finishes up with Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid.  Tears flowed as true love vanquished vile evil.

At this point, the Time Space Continuum outside of FanExpo collapsed entirely.  Or at least it seemed that way.  Virtually no signals could make it in or out the building unless you were on the top floor.  This problem never plagued me last year at all.  I chalk this up entirely to the proliferation of smartphones over the last year.  How many of the mass of humanity on hand was texting, twittering, and updated facebook places just while entering FanExpo?  When the crowd thinned hours later, a flood of messages reached my blackberry.

Who’s On Saturday!

So, with no contact with the Muggle world possible, and limited contact with my fellow Geeks, I trooped on.  By mid afternoon under the escalator became the place to be with the Dr Who Society of Canada Photo Shoot.  And in the midst of all these Amy Ponds and 10th Doctors was the immortal @KaibeginsKiss.  Along the way, two young fans (I have socks older than them!) entrusted me with their iPhone to get the group shoots they were in.  And I promptly accidently locked it.  Frantic waving to get their attention was pathetic and unfruitful.  They were very forgiving and did not drop me into a black hole.

Rounding out friday at the show with a trip along Artist Alley.  Went by @jtorrescomics booth and got both mine and @Tessathebox copy of Jinx signed, and right next to him was @jackbriglio, with whom I got my copy of Growing Up Enchanted autographed.  Almost directly across from them was the amazing Jill Thompson of Sandman and Scary Godmother fame.  A wonderful drawing of hers now graces my copy of The Little Endless Storybook.

Flyer done for me.

After trekking from the building, went to the Comics Speakeasy gathering.  The nattily adorned Murray introduced me to Bob, who led us to the place where we were shortly joined by, amongst others, @Wwxkev, @CameronMcGlynn, @AinslieKeith, David, Scott H and Jaak.

That night blurred into the next day, and with Saturday came the massively insane crowds to end all existence.  Took in the DC Comics panel with Jaak and his wonderful son, then prowled the floor some more.  Finally found some Hobbits, did my annual stalking and photo bombing of Dan DiDio from DC Comics, picked up a toy as per tradition, bumped into my brother Dave at the Frankenweenie display, got a pic of Katniss, tracked down ultimate Firefly fan @Taliana83, and found something Dr. Horrible related for Googliebear.  One item that caught my eye quickly became my first Harry Potter swag, a t-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “Neville Would Have Done It In Four Books”.  Neville is, and always will be, my homeboy.

This day marched on and next thing I knew, the Saturday gathering was upon me.  Leaving late and transversing along Front Street, I spotted someone outside of Union Station.  A man stood their smoking a cigarette, talking and swearing right along, looking in face and body and clothing, just like Kevin Smith.  Stopping and staring for a minute, but I did not approach.  This was his private time and I did not want to intrude.  So whether it was really him or not will be a mystery lost to the ages.  Finally at the gathering at a rather lame place, I was introduced to another new friend called Simon, who told me the sorry tale of Rob Liefeld on twitter.

Princess Leia Versus Batgirl.

Sunday dawned with @StrawberryFinn and I breezing right in.  And by happenstance after lunch, we met Sean and his son Noah, who were both enjoying their second FanExpo.  By late afternoon, we encountered Marlene, cleverly disguised as a Tardis, and by even later afternoon, my brother Mark.  Last minute shopping netted me some Captain Carrot comics and a cameraman from G4 filming us for Electric Playground.  By the end of the day, as everything was closing up, I met Wayne with the interesting hat.  A last minute Geek gathering occurred, led by @AinslieKeith, which caused much merriment to help close out the weekend.

Trooping home, I felt bad for the Geeks who could not make it this year, like the incredible @tunegeek who is a virtuoso of the con scene.  And I was disappointed for missing @SharHops, @Justalillost and @Nikki_Stafford, who were somewhere in the building, probably in a line waiting.  Maybe still?

Whew!  Just reliving those days exhausts my brain cells even more.  A million people mixed with a million emotions meeting a million thoughts.  All this for the glory of our Geekiness.  Next year is coming, even faster if you have a Tardis, and then we shall go through it again.  And we shall love every second of it!



To view my Friday Photo Album, click here.

To view my Saturday Photo Album, click here.


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