How Harry Potter Entered My Life

More like engulfed it.

Harry Potter has devoured so many aspects of my life, with all sorts of thoughts and actions and feelings permeating my existence now.  Accio is now, not only known to me, but has become a noun, verb, pronoun, and adverb used in everyday conversation.  Every drink now in my grasp is called a Butterbeer.  Suddenly weeping whenever thoughts drift to Tonks or Lupin or Dobby is now commonplace.

So yes, I am now a full fledged Potterhead.

The beginning of this story is at the beginning.  For quite some time various friends were constantly begging, pleading, ordering, and threatening physical harm if I did not start reading the adventures of good old Harry.  But at the same time my To Be Read pile was almost triple stacked with magazines and newspaper articles, some going back years.  So instead of starting this ambitious project in January of 2012, my sensibilities moved to clear that ghastly stack of stuff mocking me.  Harry was promptly moved to the summertime.

The Bookmark I Used.

With the majority of those magazines and such now gone, I trundled off to my local library.  Off the shelf and into my hands slipped the slender first volume, complete with the proper word Philosopher in the title.  Once home, the book and I found our place.  It was with great happiness so much of Harry was enjoyed while sitting outside, under the shade of our beautiful apple tree, for hours and hours at a time.

From the very first page of the very first chapter, the magic of J.K. filled my soul.  Critics who have claimed that the books are badly written I have now relegated to the lunatic fringe.  Yes, sometimes she stretches plots and thoughts abit in order to fit her “Year In The Life” framework, but the vast majority of her craft and talent evokes strong comparisons to the immortal Dickens.  This greatness propelled my readings like a Firebolt over this summer, with book after book, all provided by the wonderful public library, flowing into my spirit.  A goal was set to complete the entire series before the advent of FanExpo.  And thankfully, on a tuesday afternoon just before the annual geek event, the last chapter met my eyes.  And much weeping ensued.

With the conclusion now inside me, several thoughts are about to pour out, like a Pensieve waiting to be filled.  The first and most important one is this.

Thank You J.K. Rowling.

Thank you for the young wizard and his illustrious comrades in arms.  Thank you for a sprawling story telling us the journey of so many new friends.  Thank you for the tapestry of magic in our world.  Thank you for a whole new vocabulary to enhance and entrance our daily Muggle lives.  Thank you for everything.  You have created something truly wonderful for all humanity.

Next on the list of thoughts churning around waiting for release is another round of Thank You’s.  Multiple friends, as I mentioned earlier, pushed for my journey onto Platform 9 3/4’s.  And this is to thank them for their persistence in this endeavour.  Thank You to Marlene, Rebecca, @Tessathebox, @Os_Blogger, @StrawberryFinn, @AinslieKeith, @rebeccahh95, @justalillost, @gwenythlove, @fullhoney1, and @bookwormsdiary for your gentle push leading to a shove to get me moving.  You are all wonderful people and earn extra house points for your works of magic.

Me Reading Harry Potter.

With my Hogwarts education now complete, the next curriculum for my journey is living the fandom.  From having to watch A Very Potter Musical and Potter Puppet Pals to joining some of the fan pages on Facebook (This Dobby page is really kind of cool).  I have already joined Pottermore, so you may now also call me RiverPumpkin22540.  And soon I shall be following J.K. on twitter and her blog, all with the anticipation of her new book, The Casual Vacancy, which I have already pre-ordered.

As for the final thought on my list, it is what my giveback will be for Harry Potter.  My plan is devote much of September, as regularly as I can, to posting my reviews of all the Harry Potter books and movies.  All sorts of thoughts, feelings, ideas, and moments that stuck out to my sensibilities will be pulled like silver strands from my temple and submerged into the Pensieve called Scoops Mental Propaganda.  Now I know, literally millions of fans have already espoused their views of all things Harry Potter all over the print and online worlds, but this time it will be my turn.  This will cause repetition of all sorts of things that have already been endlessly debated, made fun of, and become core beliefs to so many.  This does not bother me.  This will be my Harry Potter experience.  All mine.  J.K.’s words, Scoops reactions.

So what you witnessed this summer is the birth of a new Potterhead.  Another convert to the wonder and magic of J.K. Rowling.  A proud owner of his first Harry Potter swag, a “Neville Would Have Done It In Four Books” t-shirt.

Someone still waiting by the mailbox for my letter to Hogwarts.  It has to be coming soon…


P.S.  Support your local libraries.  They deserve it.  They provide magic.

My Harry Potter Tweets:

June 22th, 2012

Special Ann For: @Tessathebox @StrawberryFinn @Os_Blogger  @BookwormsDiary @gwenythlove @rebeccahh95 @AinslieKeith @fullhoney1 Coming Up…

And My Special Announcement! Because all of you told me too, today I started reading HARRY POTTER! Thanks all for the Rec’d #HagridRules

Henceforth my #fridayreads is Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone! By the immortal JK Rowling!! I love cats with maps.

June 24th, 2012:

On subway yest, old lady gave me a dirty look while I was reading Harry Potter. She is such a Dursley. #dearharry

#Dearharry I like cats who can read maps. I like Hagrid on a motorcycle. I like fast growing hair. But I hate the Dursleys! #hatethem

June 25th, 2012:

#DearHarry I really hope Hermione decks Draco. #pleasepleaseplease

June 29th, 2012:

My #ff  @Tessathebox @StrawberryFinn @Os_Blogger @BookwormsDiary @gwenythlove @rebeccahh95 @AinslieKeith  @fullhoney1 for HP. Thank you!

Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets is my most excellent #fridayreads this most magical day!

#DearHarry: My fav line so far: “Difficult. Very difficult. Plenty of courage, I see. Not a bad mind, either. There’s talent, …” Cont.

#DearHarry: Cont… “Oh my goodness, yes – and a nice thirst to prove yourself, now that’s interesting… So where shall I put you?”

#DearHarry I would love to spend a day just hanging with the Weasley Twins. Man, the point we would lose!!

June 30th, 2012:

#DearHarry Dobby is my homeboy!!!

#DearHarry If they made a buddy cop show starring Hagrid and Dobby, I would so watch it!!

July 6th, 2012:

My #fridayreads is Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban!!! And thanks to the TorontoPublicLibrary (@torontolibrary) for my copy!!

#DearHarry the only thing Chamber Secrets was lacking was more Gregory the Smarmy. Loved that name as soon as the Weasley Twins said it.

#DearHarry I really really really really really hate the Dursleys. I hope He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named shows up soon and blows them away.

#DearHarry the getaway from the Dursleys? Best. Escape. Ever. I want the Weasley’s to have their own series.

#DearHarry I find the racial theme of Chamber very interesting and daring. JK is on a roll here.

#DearHarry Dumbledore should have his mancave featured in Architectural Digest. That would be interesting.

#DearHarry The Sorting Hat is always right. Endof.

#DearHarry I would pay to see Dobby take on the Malfoy’s in a cage match. He would smack them up!! #dobbyrules

July 9th, 2012:

Had great day yesterday. Spent the morning outside w me reading Prisoner Azkaban, Mare reading Portia De Rossi book. Then she bbq lunch.

More reading in the aft, then nice walk, followed by more fresh air reading. Did almost 200 pages of Azkaban. Then sunlight failed us.

#DearHarry Expecto Patronum is the best spell ever!

#DearHarry Sung to the tune of Katy Perry: “Harry Potter, You Are A Firebolt!” Sorry, had to say it. Please forgive me!

#DearHarry I really feel sad for Neville, such a nice guy and tries so hard. People should give him a break!

#DearHarry Snape is really not good with maps, is he? ROTFWL!!!!

#DearHarry Quidditch! Quidditch!! Quidditch!!! Quidditch!!!! Quidditch!!!!! Quidditch!!!!!! Seriously, Why Isn’t This A Real Game??

#DearHarry The Gryffindor Quidditch Captain should really switch to decaf asap. Just saying.

#DearHarry Snape. Hate Him. Hope A Dragon Eats Him. Now Please.

#DearHarry Now That Was An Ending! Totally On The Edge Of My Seat!! OMG!!!

July 13th, 2012:

Got my #fridayreads of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire from TorontoPublicLibrary (@torontolibrary) and am completely loving it!! #jkrules

July 14th, 2012:

So let me get this straight, Three Massive Geek Events are taking place right now? #SDCC #Slayage #Ascendio And me at home with Goblet!

Hours and hours and hours and hours and hours of reading Goblet of Fire outside in the shade #awesome #jkrules

July 16th, 2012:

#DearHarry Best. First. Chapter. Ever. #Goblet

#DearHarry Ugghhhhh. The Durleys. They sound like a bad rash that you can’t get rid of. Yuck. #Goblet

#DearHarry Mr Weasley, you are my hero. Suck It Dursleys!! #Goblet

#DearHarry I SOOOO want to go to a REAL Quidditch World Cup!! That would be Legend -wait for it- Dary!!! #Goblet

#DearHarry I give JK tons of credit for what she made happen after the Quidditch World Cup. #edgeofseat #Goblet

#DearHarry Aw Hermione, getting into student activism. You Are The Best. #Goblet

#DearHarry Ron, you are being a stupid git. I hope some smacks you. #Goblet

#DearHarry Harry and Ron would never survive on The Bachelorette. #Goblet

#DearHarry Rita, I hate you. You hurt a good man. #HagridRules #Goblet

#DearHarry I Love Dobby. #Goblet

#DearHarry Wangoballwime. My new favourite word. Page 346 of the trade. #Goblet

#DearHarry Dumbledore has the best passwords ever. #Goblet

#DearHarry Neville. Called it! #Goblet

#DearHarry Now that was freaking scary. JK, yaw gave me bad dreams before bed. #Goblet

#DearHarry Sorry, just had a whole whack of HP thoughts I hadda get out of my head and into the Pensieve. #Goblet

July 20th, 2012:

#DearHarry Holy Crap! Way to pull on the heartstrings JK! #Cedricisahero #Goblet

#DearHarry Moody. Called It! #pattingmyselfonback #Goblet

#DearHarry Mrs. Weasley, you are my hero. #Goblet

#DearHarry Fudge, I am gonna pummel you, you stupid git!!! #Goblet

#DearHarry Dumbledore, you are a natural and wonderful leader, just like Churchill. Could you please be real? #Goblet

#DearHarry Damn, that was a freaking great ending! Thrills, Laughs, and Tears. As JK says, this is just the beginning. #Goblet

#DearHarry Azkaban was my favourite, now it is Goblet. JK, where have you been all my life? #Goblet

#DearHarry: My #fridayreads is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, courtesy of the fine folks at the TorontoPublicLibrary (@torontolibrary)

July 23th, 2012:

Just managed to squeeze in this months comics between marathon sessions of HP! But man, I am in such a JK kick right now!

July 27th, 2012:

Still on last weeks #FridayReads, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, in my hand thanks to the TorontoPublicLibrary (@torontolibrary)!

July 31st, 2012:

Happy Birthday to Harry Potter and JK Rowling!! You Both Are Blowing My Mind Right Now!!!!

Had a great Sunday. Read a ton Order Phoenix while enjoying the backyard, did some secret work on blog, and watched Iron Giant again.

And sometime during this tranquility, the blog hit 7,000 hits. Must Celebrate! Accio Butterbeer!!

August 1st, 2012:

#DearHarry Just leave Dudley. That twat deserves to be kissed. #Order

#DearHarry Ugh. The Dursleys again. Just Ugh. #Order

#DearHarry Holy Boggart! I am gonna need a scorecard soon to keep track of everybody! #gettingold #order

#DearHarry A Peck Of Owls. JK You Rock. One of my fav chapters ever. #Order

#DearHarry Fred and George are the best. They need their own series. #Order

#DearHarry I understand you are upset, buy Harry, please switch to decaf Butterbeer asap. #Order

#DearHarry Mrs Weasley. Sirius. Holy Firebolt! #Order

#DearHarry Hey Fudge! Go shove a broom someplace not nice! #Order

#DearHarry Luna Lovegood. My new best friend. #Order

August 5th, 2012:

And I almost forgot! We are having floats tonight!! But I am calling them Butterbeer!!!

August 8th, 2012:

#DearHarry Of course Hermione can do a Protean Charm! She is the smartest in the freakin castle and you twits don’t listen! #Order

#DearHarry Malfoy is the worlds worst songwriter. #Order

#DearHarry Christmas on the Closed Ward. JK, you hit me so hard with that ending. Gotta get some tissues. #Order

#DearHarry Harry, you can save the world countless times, but you are a complete dolt on a date. #Order

#DearHarry And The Winner And Still Champ Is Dumbledore!!!! Knew he would give them all a good thrashing!! #Order

#DearHarry Fred and George. Best Exit Ever. I want these two to have their own series. #Order

#DearHarry Best Badge Ever. #Order

#DearHarry Your friends have got yer back Harry. And the Dursleys can go suck it. #Order

August 10th, 2012:

My incredible #fridayreads is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince from the wonderful TorontoPublicLibrary (@torontolibrary). #JKRocks!

Guess who won #fridayreads!! For the second time this year!! Holy Crud!! JK has brought me good luck!!

August 17th:

My wonderful #FridayReads is Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by the amazing J.K. Rowling, thanks to spectacular TorontoPublicLibrary (@torontolibrary)!

August 21st:

#DearHarry: Man, I would hate to be the Muggle Prime Minister. #Prince

#DearHarry: Next week on Extreme Make Over Home Edition, Severus Snape!! #Prince

#DearHarry: Dumbledore give the Dursleys the smackdown!! And Dudly is now almost human? #Prince

#DearHarry: I Love The Weasleys. They are the best ever. #Mollywobbles #Prince

#DearHarry: Hermione, for a spy, you are more Johnny English than James Bond. #Prince

#DearHarry: The Gaunts even give hillbillies a bad name. Crud this family is creepy. #Prince

#DearHarry: Worst Trip To Hogsmeade Ever. You encounter thieves, strange people with necklaces, and idiotic teachers. #Prince

#DearHarry: Young Tom is creepy. I can hearing the Pyscho theme music when we meet him. #Prince

#DearHarry: Dobby and Kreacher. The New Odd Couple. #Prince

#DearHarry: Holy Accio! Voldemort really knows how to hide stuff!! P.S. Don’t drink the water. #Prince

#DiarHarry: Top of the tower: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Prince

#DearHarry: The DA Rocks The House!!!!!! Ginny Rules!!!! #Prince

#DearHarry: The White Tomb. JK you are killing me here. 😦 #Prince

#DearHarry: Holy Firebolt! This was the strangest and most death-defying escape ever!! JK, you are freaking me out! #Hallows

#DearHarry: The Ministry Of Magic can go suck eggs. Big Time. #Hallows

#DearHarry: Kingsley, you really know how to crash a wedding. And scare the Accio out of me. #thatsoundsweird. #Hallows

#DearHarry: Man, everyone has really screwed up family histories is this series. #Hallows

#DearHarry: I loathe Umbridge. Could Harry throw her into the sun?? Pretty Please? #Hallows

#DearHarry: Ron, I am about to kick you stupid butt from here to Hogsmeade. #Hallows

#DearHarry: Godric’s Hollow. JK just smashes me emotionally here. #Hallows

#DearHarry: I have always loved Luna and how wonderful she is. And those paintings say it all. #Hallows

#DearHarry: Potterwatch. Why isn’t this a real radio show??? #Hallows

#DearHarry: The ending of Malfoy Manor. This did not happen. I am willing this not to be true. It did not happen. #Hallows

#DearHarry: Neville. One of my favourites. And now he has proven what I always knew. #Hallows

#DearHarry: The Battle Of Hogwarts. HOOOLLLLYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #Hallows


#DearHarry: The Last Chapter. Tears Flow. Magic Happens. JK Brings Us Love. Thank You JK. #Hallows

#DearHarry: And with that, this morning I finish Deathly Hallows and the Harry Potter series. That Was Wonderful! #Hallows

#DearHarry: Thanks to @Tessathebox @AinslieKeith @StrawberryFinn @Os_Blogger @rebeccahh95 @BookwormsDiary @gwenythlove @JustALilLost For HP.

#DearHarry: All those wonderful people told me, ordered me, cajoled me, and berated me to read Harry. Thank you all. You all have magic.

#DearHarry: and an enormous thanks to the @torontolibrary whose copies of Harry Potter I have been reading this summer. Support Libraries.

#DearHarry: So I can now proudly call myself a Potterhead!! Accio Magic!!!


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