Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets The Film: Dobby Takes Charge

As I stated earlier, the second book in the series has become my least favourite.  Which should translate into my least favourite movie as well.  But it doesn’t.  More on that later.

With Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets we are treated to our three favourite Hogwarts students coming back, or at least trying to come back.  Which brings up the absolute best part of the movie, the introduction of the best house elf ever, Dobby.

Volumes could be spoken of Dobby.  His character, what he represents, how he (and every house elf) applies the codes of servitude they labour under, and the true magical might his kind truly possess.  J.K. always hinted and implied many things about this secret history and how it worked and came about.  Due to obvious time limitations, we only get a small taste of this storyline and theme here.  But every inclusion of Dobby in this film, whether slightly comedic with horrific undertones or showing bravery in the face of mortal danger, made him a favourite of mine.  He is the loyal friend who inspires loyalty.  We can all learn so much from Dobby.  And the little guy packs quite a wallop.

Also this movie does a very good job of transferring Draco to the big screen.  What started as vile jerkiness of in the first book became outright villainy of the worst kind in the second book.  And Chamber follows suit.  Hearing Draco’s dripping racist diatribe and hoped for next victim is sickening, and Tom Felton who did not impress me much the first time around, really brings the nasty here.  I really hated him.  That’s how good Felton is.

One moment towards the end struck me as odd.  I am not against scary fights with giant monsters with much dangers, but for a movie designed to be for younger kids, the snake versus sword battle seemed to be pushing the age range here.  Maybe this is my old man self talking, but this ending would have scared seven year old me into a week’s worth of nightmares.  Maybe it is just my dislike of snakes.

Chamber of Secrets is the last film in the series directed by Chris Columbus.  His child like touch was required to launch these adventures of our favourite boy wizard, but as the story is about to turn a bit darker, different hands will take charge.  And then the ride gets even more interesting.


P.S.  Harry Potter is copyright 2012 to J.K. Rowling.


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