Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix The Film: Prelude To War

After the sluggishness of Goblet, Harry is back in fine form and waiting very impatiently for the war with Voldemort.  But first  to survive all the subterfuge thrust onto his life by small minded bureaucrats.  So now we plunge headlong into Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix the movie with great gusto.

J.K. packed a whole lot into Order, with the issues of bullying and harassment and gossip-mongering all being tackled.  All this also causing considerable anguish for Harry, who simply wants to do the right thing.  Saving the day should be something one can count on with help from the authorities.  Unfortunately not the case here.

With this movie, the mature concepts and style from Prisoner are back in full force, much to my happiness.  From the desolate schoolyard of looming doom to the long sorrowful corridors of forgotten prophecies.  The feeling of a dark reality of war and espionage, existing on a mystical magical level, fills every frame of Order.  If you can’t have Alfonso Cuaron, then David Yates is a most excellent runner-up for directing the adventures of Harry and the DA.  The only real quibble I have with Order is that so much story, vitally important plot points, and great character bits, have to be squished into this time frame.  Harry’s rant at Sirius’s house barely gets underway when the Weasley Twins apparate in to provide some much needed comic relief.  The checklist of what has to be done, and adding in all the bits and pieces Potterheads are relishing to see, makes for a very difficult task for anyone involved.  All the more reason I fervently wished Harry Potter was a television show instead.

One glaring omission that perturbed me was the truncating of the entire scene at the Dursley’s house with the owls.  An extremely finely written chapter by J.K. which had to be whittled down to the very few basics.  A shame which still breaks my heart.  Just like Dumbledore’s daring escape becoming only an escape now.  Really wished for more here.

I have no idea what the production schedule was like for Order, but I do get the distinct impression that a very definite time constraint was in place here.  The story being compressed is one thing, but the final battle at the Ministry of Magic between the Death Eaters and the Order seemed to flash by rather quickly.  A long awaited clash to kick off this war full force passed by in a blink with nary a bit of excitement rising from me.  Even before this moment, a part that pales in comparison is the shoddy special effects utilized when Umbridge meets Grawp.  That section looks really slipped in under the deadline.

With these slight complaints registered, they do not detract from the exciting and tense film we can all enjoy.  Coupled with the intrigue and ferocity of this outbreak of hostilities is the introduction of two of my favourite new characters.  Tonks and Luna are both unique, fun and spellbinding additions to the pantheon of Potter.  J.K. hit gold with these two, and even seeing this little of them on screen is wonderful.

Once the the amazing battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort is concluded and the Ministry of Magic finally realizes the truth, the final war for our boy wizard is getting ready to occur.  The end is getting closer…


P.S.  Harry Potter is copyright 2012 to J.K. Rowling.


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