My Computer: The Phoenix Arises!!

First off, I want to say sorry for my prolonged absence from SMP for the past little while, but I have an extremely good and rational and fulfilling reason why.  One virtually all of us can relate to.  A problem vexing so much of my time and thoughts.

My computer crashed.

Yes, the nightmare scenario we all in the online world live in dread and fear of, occurred to me.  Towards the end of September, the day after my Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows film review was set up in WordPress, I ambled onto the computer, hoping to complete the coverage of J.K.’s amazing works.  All seven of the cannon Harry Potter books had been reviewed, along with all eight of the films being analyzed, with the blog hopscotching back and forth between the two streams.  Feeling happy with all that I had accomplished and the response they had received, the last leg of the plan was to plunge ahead with posts about Beeble the Bard, Quidditch, and Fantastic Beasts.  And that plan ran afoul of fate.

Upon booting up the computer, I knew something was amiss.  Minutes and minutes passed with no result evident of the system kicking in and doing its job.  My mad scramble for the troubleshooting CD happened next, but repeated efforts to boot it into existence was meet with futility.  Nothing worked on any level to get past the dreaded blue screen of nowhere.  Every salvo of salvation ended unhappily.  My afternoon sucketh.  A quick call to the Apple Help Line, came with the advice of taking the computer into my local Apple Store and having a resident Genius attempt their magic.  But at this point, I was resigned at my fate.

This day was one I had known was coming very very soon.  Our beloved Mac was state of the art when it entered our life, complete with all these new wonderments like iTunes and a CD drive and forty gigs of memory, but that was over ten years ago.  Yes, a decade of our time, equaling a century of computer time, all adding up to one very obsolete machine.

When I finally toddled off to the Apple Store some time later, they paired me and my problem with the ever talented, ever knowledgeable, and infinitely patient Adam.  Using some computer magic, he managed to boot up the frayed system by running it from another server.  But attempts to fix the mystery ailment still had no hope.  What began next was a multi-hour exercise to back-up all of my digital life to a portable hard drive.  The only real sacrifice was the plethora of mp3 files that had to be jettisoned, since the low speed usb port I was saddled with would take forever with that momentous volume of traffic.

With everything now safe and sound, my Googliebear and I returned another day, eyes brimming with the hope of finding a new precious.  Quickly vetoing a laptop since neither of us liked the miniscule screen size, we soon settled onto the desktop models.  All our questions were answered with nary any sales pressure applied, and less than an hour after crossing the threshold, we left with a shiny new device.

Backing up my life.Set up and learning about the cordless keyboard and mouse was easy, transferring all the files over with a blink of the eye effortless, and modulating everything to our preferences happened gracefully.  Our happy land of fun was complete.

The glitches occurred mostly over the next few days.  Our upgrade with the service provider to high speed internet was a long torturous day of disappointment, with success finally met quite later.  The repeated tries on getting Mail to sync with hotmail proved fruitless.  Turns out, these programs do not like each other.  While it would make my life infinitely easier if this aspect worked, my patience that this conundrum will be worked out by the various parties is valid.  Just call me an optimist here.  A minor trouble involving the scanner software was fixed very readily by a visit to the company’s website and a quick download later.  Hootsuite is now in my grasp, with Social Media now becoming even easier and more enjoyable.  So many possibilities inhabiting life now, all so very enticing, and filling all sorts of digital itches I have yearned to scratch.

One of the last items on the massive to do list of this excitement is to get back onto the blogging bandwagon.  Dormant plans are swirling back into action, and new posts are swarming their way onto the agenda.  The final, unfinished, entries about J.K.’s other Harry Potter works, will still be making appearances, and down the line my review of The Casual Vacancy will occur.  Of course, that will be after I finish reading it.  First things first and all that.

So with this update of my trials and tribulations, followed with my triumphs and tour-de-force, the world has been put right.  The computer gods has blessed with me with something majestic and beautiful.  And now I shall us it for good.



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