Get To Know Scary Godmother

 Everyone should meet Scary Godmother.  She is that great.

How did I meet this lovely and eclectic lady?  When at FanExpo this past August, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with legendary comic writer/artist Jill Thompson, whom I was led to by her wonderful Little Endless Storybook I had just finished.  Seeing one of the Scary Godmother volumes lying before me, I took the further plunge into her imagination.

And oh what a delightful trip it is.  Scary Godmother is the comical and macabre tales of a lady who is part witch, part faerie, and her mission to watch over the ghoulish citizens of the Fright Side.  She is joined quite often on these adventures, misadventures, and general fun and mischief, by a little girl from the “real world” named Hannah.

Various other strange and wondrous characters also populate these tales with Scary and Hannah.  We have, in no particular order, Mr. Pettibone who is a very nice skeleton and always helpful, Bug-A-Boo is a monster who hides under little ones beds in order to give good scares, Harry who is the laziest werewolf you will ever find anywhere, and Mrs. Le Gevaudan who is a gypsy fortune teller constantly babying and complaining about her son Harry.

But one of the main character trios who interact the most with Scary and Hannah are the Fright Side’s resident vampires, and who are really very lovely people.  Max is the always irritated Lord of the Vampires who dearly loves his modernist wife Ruby.  They are completed by their Vampire Prince son Orson.  Any scene featuring Orson and Hannah, best friends forever, are simply priceless.

Max, Ruby, and Orson going for a drive.

With this cast mixing it up we are witness to all sorts of shenanigans.  Included in this collected volume of one shots and a mini-series is the story of Max and Ruby having an argument over how to live their undead life and another where Harry’s mother kicks her no good son’s furry butt out hoping he will finally mature.  Rounding out this set is several earlier short stories, multiple pages of fun and scary activities, and lots and lots of bonus sketches.

One of my favourite parts, interspersed and interjected into the narratives, is the numerous recipes.  Someone, somewhere along the way, will break off from whatever chaos or commotion is ongoing, and tell the reader how to make a ghoulish and delicious snack.  I have not had the time (or courage) to try these delicacies, but they look frightfully good.

By the time you conclude this graphic novel, you will consider Scary Godmother a friend.  She can be counted on to be helpful and true and courteous, all while fulfilling her important duties.  We should all be lucky enough to have Scary Godmother watching over us.


P.S.  Scary Godmother is copyright 2012 to Jill Thompson.  It is a 312 page Softcover graphic novel collection published by Dark Horse Publishing in 2011.  It is $27.90 CDN and $24.99 US.


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