Quidditch! Quidditch!! Quidditch!!! Quidditch!!

Greetings Headmistress McGonagall,

Just after New Year’s I read another of my son’s library books.  The last book he got from Hogwart’s, the Fantastic Beasts one I wrote to you about last time, had me slightly concerned.  Happily, this volume does not.

My Muggle life has never caused me to ever partake in this Quidditch sport, but now I wish it had been ingrained in my DNA since birth.  In fact, Mr. Kennilworthy Whisp (another slightly suspicious name, but why quibble?) has provided myself with a most excellent guide to this fine sport, a book called Quidditch Through the Ages.  And by the way, the defacing of this copy does not bother my sensibilities as much, it feels more like youthful fans expressing exuberance.

With this slim volume, I have learned oh so much about this remarkable sport.  The plays, the moves, the ball zipping around and whacking people in their noggins!  What fun!  And the league itself.  From a team that has zero luck to another that has been playing forever and another team made up entirely of ladies.  These current situations sounds just like so many other sports out here in the Muggle world, it is absolutely fascinating how magic and non-magic enterprises developed so similar to each other.

The start of the book, with this cobbled together history of your sport, is equally interesting.  The bits and pieces of minutia gathered from the past, what with eye-witness accounts of some flying wizards rambling about in a field to nasty cruelty to poor birds who have done nothing wrong, all would add up to a great film with mass appeal.  My son says I should view it all in something far better, a bowl filled with pensieve.

Apparently, you wizards jump into a cauldron filled with noodles of memories and enter the past.  Sounds odd, but do you have any noodles from the last Quidditch Cup where Ginny Weasley saved the day?

And on a side note, my son wants a Firebolt as soon as possible.  He plans to make the Gyffindor team next year, which begs the question, do you take “donations” to get young people onto the team.  And if so, should it be money or cat food?

My son has handed another famous book of yours to me, a hardcover of children’s fairy tales written a long time ago in a village far far away.  Looks different, this Beedle character does, and it should be illuminating.

May you have a most festive New Year’s Headmistress, and may the Chudley Cannons win the next Quidditch Cup!!

Your’s Most Sincerely,

Barry Fairbrother.

P.S.  This Harry Potter fellow was apparently quite a good player.  Is their any chance of getting his autograph?  And is he any relation to that other Harry Plodder fellow?  The names are so similar, I can’t imagine it being a coincidence.

This missive was tucked into my copy of The Daily Prophet, by mistake I believe.  I published it here so that we can all learn more about this great sport called Quidditch.


P.P.S.  Quidditch Through the Ages is copyright 2012 to J.K. Rowling.


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