Rocking It With BlogOntario

This past Saturday the folks behind BlogOntario hosted the second Book Blogger Meet-up.  Over seventy reviewers showed up at the Watermark Pub on the Lakeshore for an afternoon of meeting and talking and making merry, all while fraternizing with famous authors.

Last year I was the first to arrive, but this year, with complete irony, I was the last to show up.  Checking everyone in with quick efficiency was @Justalillost, who I last saw a few days before at GillerLight.  Bringing along a box of comics and a box of leftover Halloween candy, all for whomever wished it, these were plopped by the door.  Upon entering I soon found @reedereads in the midst of the action.

With lunch about to happen, we all got to our tables.  Suddenly I realized that one of the author guests was right beside me.  Allison Baggio, the writer behind Girl In Shades and In The Body, was a wonderful and pleasure to be around.  Also at our table was @Katallina, who came in from Ottawa, and @Book_lover1988, who already works for a famous author.  One more blogger populated our table, but with much apologies, my old man brain cannot recall her name at all.


During the rest of the afternoon, everyone mixed and mingled.  I accidentally found @Gwenythlove, who organized last years Winter Holiday Book Blogger Exchange.  She was with her spunky sister @AjKitKat, who later took almost all the comics and most of the candy.  Twas not till much time after I realized they were sitting with another famous author guest Maureen McGowan, writer of the Deviant series.


Moving along to the far side of the room, the intrepid @Wrkreads found me.  We were paired together last year for the aforementioned Blogger Exchange and this was the first time we had ever met.  She recognized me from my rugged good looks.  That’s my story and I am sticking to it.


After awhile, I still had not located @BookwormsDiary, and then poof, she was before me.  Much catching up and asking about her #NaNoWriMo book ensued.  She is the master of planning with index cards.

Taking our picture was another famous author in attendance, Lesley Livingston, writer of the Wondrous Strange trilogy featuring Once Every Never and Starling.  She remembered my visit to her booth at FanExpo and was super nice.

By the end of the gathering the final giveaways happened, and I found myself with three business cards from three bloggers I had no memory of meeting.  So this is a special hello to @bookmarkbelles, @Miz_Maliciouz, and @amynicks87.  My addled brain fails me here.

Jen and Amber and Me!

After departing, I had to head to the opposite side of the city to the World Fantasy Con.  An old friend, Jen from On Spec magazine was in town, along with a new face, Amber.  Years melt away as we three had dinner together, talking about literature, politics, and publishing in general.

It was a long day, filled with great people and great conversation.  And lots of wonderful books.  I hope I did not forget anyone or anything!  Whew!


Wonder Twins Powers Activate!


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One Response to Rocking It With BlogOntario

  1. It was a great event! And it was so nice to see you again. You really made my sister’s day with those comics (and candy)!

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