Three Random Thoughts On Babe

On of the most heartening and fun movies I have ever seen is the 1995 opus Babe.  This picture was a gem I missed when it was in the cinema, but caught up with it quickly when it hit home video.  And yes, I said video!

It’s About A Pig:

Babe is a clueless little pig, who is naïve and quaint all at the same time.  He ends up at an older couple’s farm and quickly becomes a part of the other animal’s lives.  But as we soon learn, trouble looms on the horizon.

Singing Mice:

Helping us follow along these chapters in Babe’s adventures is the farm’s version of a Greek Chorus, the three mice.  Singing and speaking directly to us, so much of the lessons and humour this story contains is conveyed through them.  They are the cutest mice this side of Ratatouille!

The Song And Dance:

Just before the wonderful conclusion, a song and dance is performed.  Cheers of joy always spring forth from me with this scene.  A previously repressed character lets loose with emotions, feelings, and unbridled joy.  And it is spellbinding.

Babe is a very special movie.  It was so amazing it was nominated for Best Picture, but lost to a truly wretched film called Braveheart.  And speaking of wretched, please don’t watch the sequel Babe: Pig In The City.  I pretend that one does not exist.


P.S.  Babe is copyright 2012 to Universal Movies.


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