Three Random Thoughts On Real Steel

No one seems to like this particular gem but moi, a distinction which I wear with pride.  I am referring to the 2011 opus called Real Steel, starring the amazing Hugh Jackman.

Robots!  Boxing!!

Real Steel is a really cool movie with a big heart about a future just down the road.  Robots do our boxing for us, which is simply the backdrop for a touching story of an estranged father and son finding a way towards each other.  Family and robots, what more could you ask for?

A Touch Of History!!!

This film epic is loosely based on an original Twilight Zone episode called Steel.  That was adapted, by the original writer no less, from the short story by the incredible Richard Matheson.  Classics never get old, they just get reinvented for the new millennium.

Hugh Jackman!!!!

Hugh Jackman is Wolverine.  Hugh Jackman is a magician.  Hugh Jackman is in Australia.  Hugh Jackman is Van Helsing.  Hugh Jackman rocks.  That is all.

Real Steel clicks on so many levels for my tastes.  Characters, feeling, action, and robots beating the oil out of each other.  Cynics may complain, but this one scores a knockout.


P.S.  Real Steel is copyright 2012 to DreamWorks and Disney.


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