Growing Up Enchanted And Facing New Dangers!!

This time with Growing Up Enchanted, we deal with even more…


Which is something we all love so much.

When last we left off with the ongoing saga of our young little witch, Olianna was trying to have fun and muddle though life, all while partaking in adventures with baby brother Anto.  She makes friends with a dragon, now safely invisible, that her father the Knight was hunting.  All this excitement is taking place during medieval times, but mostly between classes at school.

We pick up with Volume Two, subtitled Fishing For Sea-Dragons – Understanding Death, and it has the returning creators of writer Jack Briglio and artist Alex Serra back in fine form.

The wintery day starts off with Oli, our heroines preferred nickname, off playing with Anto and the dragon, down by the frozen lake.  Violating her mother’s rules, she uses magic to save Anto from the freezing water.  Little does she realize, hiding under the dangerous ice, is a sea monster ready to pounce.  But the three idiotic Knights from the first story are soon on a quest to take down the creature.  And they muck it up of course.

The chase and fight with the Sea-Dragon zips and zags all through the village and surrounding area.  This concerns Oli, since she wants no one, family or friend, to get hurt.  Another quandary comes up during this trek, and this becomes a major sticking point for Oli.

The realization that everyone can die haunts her.  Why does this have top happen?  Can this occur to anyone?  At anytime?  Oli must now grapple with the dangers of her dad’s line of work, something which she always took as simple adventuring before.  Here, the very real worry of her father’s mortality causes Oli to stretch her abilities.  Bad things can and will bring about death and this unacceptable to her young mind.  Young children will feel for Oli and her plight, even as they themselves will come to the same realizations.  This new situation of life bothers her quite abit, which propels further developments of her abilities.

The premiere volume was nominated for an Eisner when it was released, first digitally and then in print.  My introduction to this great work was at FanExpo 2011 when the unconquerable Adam Murdough from Comic Geek Speak brought us together.  Can not thank Murd enough for that wonderful service.  That lead me to interview Jack Briglio a year later at FanExpo 2012.

The next story collection will hopefully be available soon, so we can all catch up with Oli’s next life lesson.


P.S. Growing Up Enchanted is copyright 2012 to Jack Briglio, Alexander Serra, and Markosia Enterprises Ltd.  It is published by AAM/Markosia.


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