Three Random Thoughts on Christmas Carols

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Guest Post by the Wonderful @plowright_s

I recently got a Christmas card from my friend Paul and his lovely wife Mary-Anne and thought ‘How nice! How unexpected! What can I get them for Christmas?’ Luckily, Paul is a vigilant blogger and I’m fairly good with words, so I thought of a well-deserved gift—a night off!

Merry Christmas, scoopsmentalpropaganda!

Three Random Thoughts on Christmas Carols

There are so many good things that make the season ‘The Season’—good food, good friends, good memories—but what really puts the jingle in my heart? Christmas carols! These days carols run the gambit from reverent to ridiculous, but there’s something about singing along to old favourites that puts a little spruce in my step and holly in my hair (figuratively, of course).

These are three of the carols that make my heart sing:

Carol of the Bells: The breathless pace of the carol, the anticipation it mirrors, the frenzy it mimics—that’s what’s awesome about this yuletide jewel. This is an ‘early season’ carol (December 1st–15th). People preparing for the big event—shopping, baking, hurrying—that’s what this carol means to me.

Oh Come, All Ye Faithful: This is my favourite “true” carol. It heralds the coming of Christ, and welcomes everyone who wants to witness and praise the newly born king. This is a ‘day of’ carol, and it reflects what I understand to be the actual meaning of Christmas.

Good King Wenceslas: I love the tune, the story, and the fact that the carol is a story. For me, this carol has nothing to do with Christ (although ‘Christians’ are mentioned); it’s all about doing good and being a good person. The tune is quiet, sober, and reflective.

Back in the day, a king taking the lead in horrible weather was a big deal, and today we should all try to be a little bit like that, whatever our religious leanings. This is my favourite ‘after the fact’ carol. It reminds me that everyone can do a little good, even when the food’s been eaten and the celebrations are over.

What are your thoughts? Any favourite carols you need to sing about?

~ Stacey Plowright

StaceyStacey Plowright holds a B.A.H. from Trent University and is a graduate of Ryerson’s Publishing Program. She currently volunteers as Communications and Publicity Manager for STC Toronto and freelances as a writer and editor. You can follow her blog at and find her on Twitter @plowright_s. Contact her directly at


Scoop here, to thank Stacey for the great guest post, and to wish everyone everywhere a very Merry Christmas!


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One Response to Three Random Thoughts on Christmas Carols

  1. David T.G. Riches says:

    Love this selection. Good King Wenceslas is my favourite followed by We Three Kings and in recent years Little Drummer Boy has been supplanted by either I Saw Three Ships or O Tanenbaum. Here’s the weird thing that is my traditionalist list. I have a list of favourites that are more modern day which is Hall And Oates’ Jingle Bell Rock, Bruce Springsteen’s Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, and Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You. Do I mention the kids versions of Carols or the jazz versions? Probably not here but then all lists are subjective when not dealing with Maths.

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