Six Random Thoughts On Prep And Landing


One last sputter and putter and mutter for the Christmas season 2012, now all done and completed.  These thoughts encompass twin television specials starring elves with very special missions.

Prep And Landing!

The Story:

Wayne is part of a brigade of Elves who get every abode ready for good old Santa.  But after awhile, he gets kinda bored and looks for a promotion.  Denied, he becomes a slightly disgruntled Elf.  Cue the chaos.

The Best Character:

Taking a riff from Naked Gun, but in reverse, is the best little gag around.  Tiny is an Elf so short, all you ever see in any scene is his hat.  You get a lot of acting from that hat.

The Gadgets:

You really gotta watch this one twice because of all the gizmos and whatnots the Elves employ in the process of doing their duty.  James Bond has nothing on these special agents.

Prep And Landing!!  Naughty Vs. Nice!!

The Story:

Wayne is up for Elf Of The Year and is sent on a Secret Mission with his rambunctious brother.  This trip takes them on an emotional and physical adventure, with the fate of Christmas at hand!

The Best Character:

Noel, the aforementioned brother, is full of zest and pep and vigour.  This is one Elf who lives life everyday to the fullest.  He is the dude!

The Gadgets:

The biggest gadget, which virtually the whole plot revolves around, is the simple act of hacking.  Seeing the damage done by concerted usage of the internet, especially when it intersects with Santa’s network, is slightly freaky.

Prep And Landing is great fun.  Prep And Landing: Naughty Vs. Nice is even greater fun.  Just watch out for the ornament bombs!


P.S. All images are copyright 2013 to Disney.


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