Scoop On YouTube!

Scoop on YouTube Pic

Back before Christmas, I did the soft launch of my newest, most different venture.  Yes, I have joined the throngs of plebians roaring onto the video site called YouTube.  And the internets shall never be the same.

My channel, appropriately called Scoopriches, has several videos already uploaded, starring the one and only moi.  Some are reviews of various comics I pick up every month.  Some are recommendations of books and television shows that I adore.  And some are trailers for short stories I have penned.  All sorts of goodies are to offer here.

Also populating my channel are multiple Playlists featuring tons of shared content, ranging from PSA’s to Harry Potter vid’s to Dr Who Fan Orchestra greatness.  Hours and hours of viewing pleasure to make you laugh, cry, think and grow with.

This new direction goes hand in hand with so many other areas I am already involved with online.  @Scoopriches on twitter is the place to get your almost daily fix of me.  To see all my reviews altogether, Goodreads is the place to be.  To read, and vote, on my short stories, try Wattpad.  And for links to most of these sites, you can try my page.

And finally, for all of you on the wonderful facebook, which is virtually everyone on the face of the planet, SMP also has a fan page.  Clicking “Like” here would be very much appreciated!

So now you have yet another way to get your Scoop fix, added to all the already existing ways.  Scoopriches on YouTube.  Hope you come on by!



About scoopsmentalpropaganda

Married to beautiful wife. Always learning a ton of stuff. Geek with too much useless knowledge. fb page:!/pages/Scoops-Mental-Propaganda/192314550819647 twitter & twitpic: Scoopriches AboutMe Page: This site is an @Scoopriches production
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