The 50 Book Pledge and Me

50 Book Pledge

Sigh.  I hate to say this, but I won’t be doing The 50 Book Pledge this year.  Again.  Sigh.

But this momentous news comes with a very good, even excellent reason.  Something which I will be explaining in a second or so.

For all those quizzically tilting their heads and wondering what I am on about, I shall elabourate.

The 50 Book Pledge is a cause that has thrived online for several years.  Basically you make a public Pledge on the website to read 50 Books in the year.  This commitment is reinforced by wearing the badge on your twitter, blog, facebook, and goodreads pages announcing your intention.  A hashtag is active as well.  So this is not just something only you, grandma, and the dog knows about.  The whole world is watching.  Talk about pressure to perform.

Despite how impossible and inconceivable this goal seems, many, many people actually achieve it.  And multitudes more almost make it.  Several friends of mine have completed The 50 Book Pledge in 2012, among them @SharHops, @BookwormsDiary, and @Liamt1987.  And for this I wholeheartedly salute them.  That is a lot of reading.  That is a lot of dedication.  That is waaaay beyond me.

For it this point I must explain why I am not partaking in this very noble venture.  Right now I am hip deep in catching up on a whole whack of Superman and related comics that came out in the last few years.  The massive New Krypton saga is over half done, with Grounded and the Luther storyline coming up next.  After that?  I am not too sure.  A few other comic series await, but I am also faced with a far more uncontrollable dilemma.

Stacks of BooksIn my three full size bookcases I lovingly house over 400 or so books.  My last count has been in a few years, so details are fuzzy.  Of these, about 150 or so have not been read by me.  At all.  Ever.  They range from self-help (gifts from Googliebear, I wonder why) to history to science fiction to biographies to fiction.  A whole spectrum of ideas.  And some have been untouched for over twenty years.

Even through my reading levels have increased quite abit over the last two years, I have still only made a small dent here.  So many gems look back at me, littered up and down these shelves.  Mentally I have grouped some together into little clusters that make sense to my mindset, and therefore must be consumed together.  All book geeks know what I am talking about.

Which means, as much as I admire The 50 Book Pledge, I cannot join in this year.  A fervent hope is that I can get through as many as possible this 2013.  Many will say joining the Pledge will help accomplish this goal.  After all, three years of the Pledge would be enough for this.  But while happiness would explode from my pores if this backlog evaporated, I also want to do this on my own timeline.  After living a Harry Potter Summer, an experience I will cherish forever, I want to make sure every book is loved in it it’s own way by me.  This is not a bash on The 50 Book Pledgers.  Everyone enjoys what they enjoy in their own particular way.  I am just not inclined to give myself a limit either way.  Goes against my grain.

If I get through 50 books in 2013, I will be happy.  For everyone who takes the Pledge and completes it, you have my admiration.

I hope to get through 150 books in 2013.  And that sound you hear is Googliebear laughing hysterically.  Maybe I will get 20 done and given away.  Then I can get some off the floor.

Oh, I forgot to mention the ones stacked on the floor?  Oh dear.


Currently reading Superman: New Krypton by James Robinson, Greg Rucka and Sterling Gates.


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2 Responses to The 50 Book Pledge and Me

  1. I feel your pain. I completed this goal last year. But I traveled almost 3 hours a day on TTC to get to and from work, so I had lots of time to read. This year i got a promotion, and a parking spot…so now I drive…so I will be lucky to read even half as many books this year…and the ones I do read will probably only be the ones for school.

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