Three Random Thoughts On Space Jam

Space Jam

A somewhat follow-up to Who Framed Roger Rabbit was another movie that combined live action and animation, and added a third element, sports!  In 1996 Space Jam graced us with both Bugs Bunny and star athlete Michael Jordan.  Which is a lot better than it sounds.

What Happens

Evil alien monsters want to kidnap our beloved Looney Tunes and to stop their plot Bugs challenges them to a basketball game.  The sneaky aliens steal the powers of champion players, so Bugs and company recruit Michael Jordan.  Let the games begin!

The Game

You ever wanted to see all your favourites get squished, stretched, bounced, scrunched, thrown, blown up, and smushed?  And that is only the humans involved.  Such fun!!

The Finale

The end of the game comes with a realization by Jordan, followed by a spectacular play, topped with a wonderful old song redone with current flavours.  Yay!!!

Space Jam is not as much geeky fun as Roger Rabbit, but still entertains and thrills your inner child.  It be fun.


P.S.  Images are copyright 2013 to Warner Brothers.


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