How The World Led Me To Tegan And Sara

Tegan and Sara Back on Tuesday the new Tegan and Sara album burst onto the scene with much fanfare.  So many fans, old and new, popped up and acquired their latest venture, making it a top seller on Itunes.

Most excellent work for the hardworking Canadian duo, a sister musical team I am very late to the party in regards to fandom.  But the tale of how they first came upon my radar is one dealing with publicity born out of a different media world than what is usual.  It is more Web 2.0 than Madison Avenue.

Setting the wayback machine for 2011 and CBC Radio announced its longlist for the annual Canada Reads competition.  This literary contest has various Canadian books championed by various Canadian celebrities, who argue and debate on live radio until only one book stands supreme.  Much to the shock and dismay of some of the Patricians in our society, a graphic novel called Essex County trilogy by Jeff Lemire existed on said list that year.  To cause more commotion, Essex County survived the cut and made the final five.

When the unveiling of the defenders of each book happened, Essex County received its knight in shining armour, the one and only Sara Quinn.  She of Tegan and Sara fame.  Someone whom I had never heard of in the slightest.

Tegan and Sara picIn my lack of defense, keeping up on the musical scene has never been my forte.  My last big find before they became overnight successes was probably Seal and Alanis Morissette back in a time called the 1990’s.

At the time of Canada Reads 2011, the show was listened to by me via the podcast.  But the outcome was well known far before I ever got an Itunes download.  The first book voted off was Essex County, despite the valiant and courageous fight by Sara to crown it the winner.  That, among other controversies, plagued the show that year.

Over the time since then, I have kept track of Tegan and Sara, but mostly at a distance, waiting patiently for whatever new project they released.  Back to the future of today, we enter late 2012 and a facebook friend posted the new Tegan and Sara video.  My curiosity piqued and excitement met, the next salvo hit me on twitter about a week ago.  @Reederreads, a most wonderful book person, retweeted the link to a streaming site featuring the entire new album.  And I played that puppy twice.  Or was it three times?  Simply lovely stuff.

And no actual advertisement, online or in print, was seen by my eyes to promote this album.  An intellectual discussion about books on a public radio station followed by a Youtube posting followed by a retweet all brought this group to my knowledge.

Not the most traditional way for this to come about is it?  Or will this become the new normal with a more pure connection fostered by an exchange of ideas and recommendations?

That path led me to Tegan and Sara.  And for that I am most thankful.


…is currently reading A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt.


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