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Out With Dad 2

With Valentine’s Day being today, I will start off with the obvious and most important, to wish my Googliebear a Happy Valentine’s Day!

And for the rest of you out on the interwebs, I heartily recommend celebrating this holiday with a show all about love.  This most excellent webseries, Out With Dad, is a hit on YouTube and is an inspirational story of love, loss, and greatness.

Kate Conway Out With DadOut With Dad is about a 15 year old girl named Rose who slowly comes to the realization that she is a lesbian.  She lives alone with her widowed dad, Nathan, who is very close and supportive of her.  As the first series opens, Rose suddenly wakes up to her true nature and crush on her friend Vanessa.  Nathan notices this awakening and tries to slowly breach the subject to her.

The trials and tribulations of this awkward coming out is brilliantly written and directed by creator Jason Leaver.  Throughout these episodes we witness Rose, expertly played by Kate Conway, come to grips with her feelings and the how to go about telling her father.  Nathan, played by Will Conlon who unfortunately has had to leave the series for the upcoming third season, goes about with bumbling love trying to reach her and be understanding.

Will Conlon Out With DadThe joy and love at the end of the premiere season when they reach out and connect and fully become father and daughter again will cause tears.  When the cliffhanger ending hits you, you get a taste of some of what season two entails.  But only some, because that sophomore season also brings other textures to us as well, and includes a mini bunch of episodes with a very particular through line.

Season three of Out With Dad is going into production soon, and hopefully an airdate for spring or summer 2013 will be announced quickly for this award-winning show.

Besides the plotlines of Out With Dad, the real star of the series is the characters and the love they share.  The basic nucleus is the father daughter relationship, which is made plain to the viewers right from the start.  His unconditional love for all aspects of her life is the engine here, and something we all cheer on.  The action figures episode, don’t ask – just watch it, encapsulates so much of what the temporary turmoil is between the two.

The next level is Rose and her developing relationships.  Whether it is the previously mentioned Vanessa, or another possible love interest, which I shall not spoil here, the young tender feelings that all first loves go through are all on display.  Arguments, hand holding, disapproving glares, school dances, hugs filled with aromas and gentle facebook stalking are universal in nature for all of us first experiencing this wonderful feeling of love.  Pitfalls lay down the path of many of the prongs of life Rose enters, and some she seems slightly unaware of.  Complications like these are what makes Out With Dad such an incredible love story.

I first encountered this series some months ago, when my friend and fellow writer @Taliana83, who did this excellent post on creativity, told me all about it.  Massive binge viewing started shortly thereafter, followed by taking in all the extras and featurettes on the Out With Dad channel.  Right now they are fundraising for season three, with recognitions for certain levels of donations.  You can reach the show on their webpage, facebook page, twitter, and possibly by carrier pigeons.

Valentine’s Day celebrates all that is kind and good and loving about life.  Out With Dad brings all that and more to your digital screen.


…is currently reading How To Talk Dirty And Influence People by Lenny Bruce.

Out With Dad 1


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