Three Random Thoughts On Naked Gun

Naked Gun 1

Back in 1988 the world was astounded and amazed by something new and exciting.  A television show was evolved and put on the big screen as a movie.  THIS HAD NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE, LET ALONE ATTEMPTED!!!!!!  My reference for this claim is Wikipedia.  Anyway, another break with tradition, and another PG-13 movie.  Welcome to world of Naked Gun!!

What Happens:

Police detective Frank Drebin must solve a crime.  Something to do with the Queen, who actually appears in the film.  And he plays baseball with Khan.  I think.

Who Falls In Love:

Frank meets Jane.  They have an instant attraction.  And the most beautiful, amazing, incredible, fantastic, uncanny love scene ever put to film since Alien.  Brings tears to my eyes!

Who Gets Crushed By A Steamroller:

No one.  Not a single person.  Especially not in the final five minutes.  And definitely not Kevin Kline.  But I might be wrong about this.  Have not seen this classic since 1986.

For laughs and laughs and laughs, much more than I could ever provide here, check out the first Naked Gun.  Leslie Nielsen is the bomb.  Priscilla Presley is a hottie.  And they are still a better love story than Twilight.


…is currently reading How To Talk Dirty And Influence People by Lenny Bruce.

P.S.  Naked Gun poster is copyright 2013 to Paramount Pictures.


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