Five Random Thoughts On FanExpo Adding Sports

Princess Leia Versus Batgirl.

What Many Fans Feel Like…

Earlier this week FanExpo told the combined interwebs that the biggest announcement in their history will be made.  The next day, a PR disaster along the lines of New Coke was unleashed upon them.  Then a plague of locusts descended and ripped the earth apart.  So, yeah, this news blew up a whee bit in their face.  And why are people so mad?  Well here are my scatterings of ideas.

Bait And Switch

Now it really wasn’t a bait and switch, but so many felt that it was.  People online, a huge whack of them, were really hoping for an announcement of a massively huge guest.  Would it be Joss Whedon?  Or Nathan Fillion?  Or all Eleven Doctor Who’s?  The ideas ranged from the somewhat possible to the outright implausible.  But fans held out mighty geek hopes that their annual show would bring in the best of the best.  Which brings up point two…


Some commentators felt like their show was being short shifted with these foreign properties.  While some crossover does occur between these fandoms of geeks and sports, the sense of camaraderie, togetherness, and feeling of unity we all exhibit as geeks at the Expo translates to extraordinary happiness amongst us all.  All aspects of geekdom belonged in this loving tent and all felt related.  Smiles were in evidence all around by virtually everyone.  Some people look forward to this all year.  They hang out with old friends and meet new ones.  A common language we all share.  Sports jocks do not understand our tongue.  Which brings up point three…


While we all know that nothing truly dangerous will happen, so many of us geeks do not trust jocks.  Young or old, so many of us geeks have experienced jerk behavior from some jocks, that it makes us leery.  The stereotype of a group of rowdy young men, hooting and hollering and berating everything in sight, fills so many of us with dread.  Ladies is particular seem worried, from what I have seen, of this archetype.  Will any catcalls and obnoxious behavior be checked by FanExpo?  Which brings up point four…


This came up a few times online wednesday as well.  Geeks want to make sure that proper security is employed to make sure the possible roughnecks are kept in check.  But constant complaints that FanExpo never seems to be able to keep the show organized every year also leans into the area of security.  No one, and I very serious about this, no one likes that one security guy.  He is the tall man who always barks orders for no reason, gives out wrong information consistently, and is unbearably rude to one and all.  I have complained about him in the past, as have many others, with no change in his attitude.  If this is what FanExpo considers good security, or an even adequate helper of your customers, no wonder Geeks are concerned.  But so many still what to come.  Which brings up point five…


The general consensus of Geeks I saw was dislike, to outright hatred of this move.  But most still pledged to come to FanExpo.  It is, as I stated earlier, our home for a few days in August.  Avoidance of the North Hall will be legendary for the longtime Geeks who have supported you for almost two decades.  They will, I believe, pretend that what many consider blasphemy is not happening in their temple.  And many will hope the sports part will fail and never sully their thoughts ever again.  Things will go back to the golden days of 2012.

As for me, I am not happy with the addition, and believe it to be a massive misstep.  Few people I have seen applaud this move and are not worried.  I respect their opinions, and hope they have fun in the North Hall.  My convention OCD will still lead me through the sports hall at least once, just to see what it is like.  But it shall be a quick journey.  A very quick journey.


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3 Responses to Five Random Thoughts On FanExpo Adding Sports

  1. David T.G. Riches says:

    Dude a few things here.
    1) how about a link to the FanExpo announcement so we can see what the heck you are squawking about.
    2) you are talking 7 sports guests of which 4 are hockey legends, one is a football legend and commercial adman, one is a wrestling and reality downfall superstar, and the last one is the poorman’s Seabiscuit. None are current sporting celebs.
    3) FanExpo has had wrestlers before and even hockey heroes. It’s just they are usually in some row amongst the furries and the card collectors.
    4) is this any worst than the soup Nazi?
    5) Hulk Hogun had 3 Saturday morning cartoons. The man has had 3 reality series. He is the epitome of walking genre celeb like a Suburban Commando.
    6) Joe Montana this year; O.J.Simpson next year! Dan Marino and Tim Tebow to follow.
    7) Manti Te’o’s girlfriend could be next. Troy Polamalu’s hair could be the SyFy movie of the week it’s all relative.
    8) sure if you don’t watch hockey or the Simpsons you have no idea who Martin Brodeur, Joe Sakic, Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr but come on this is a way to prove you are Canadian and hold a hockey riot at the show like they did in Vancouver when they lost the cup.
    9) Martin Brodeur, Joe Sakic, Gordie Howe and Bobby Orr have all done fibre and arthritis commercials so they could have a sponsor and we get free autographs. (yes right I couldn’t keep a straight face even thinking that!)
    10) They quoted as saying “A perfect opportunity to get that unique item signed by your favourite sports celebrity! ” so the fact I got a Hulk Hogun autograph at WrestleMania VI and another at Sam The Record Man in 2000 and that my favourite at this time is Muhamad Ali who can barely hold his bladder let alone a pen this is a Boston company trying to cater to a Canadian audience and when you don’t know them you can’t expect you cater to that audience unless you compartmentalize and try to stay current. This is a mess you got that but it’s just a mess of their making and the best way to deal with it is to ignore it.
    11) If I wanted to see a Doctor Who I go to the British Isles show who in past years had Peter Davison and Colin baker on separate occasions. ( Not this occasion but who knows what the future holds.

    • although i agree with some of what you’re saying here I’d like to point out that although we may be Canadian and our “roots” may be in hockey, our teams for the most part suck (at least the Toronto ones and this excludes this years brand new team as they haven’t had enough ice time to prove if they’ll follow in the footsteps of their last team) I love sports but the leafs is not a team I’ll be forgiving any time soon :/

  2. Dave2099 says:

    Scoop, buddy… you’re forgetting your roots.

    Think back to the heyday of the comic shop boom: in the 80’s & 90’s, comic shops were springing up everywhere and the signage was always the same: “comic books, sports cards & memorabilia”. Every comic shop I went to had jerseys on the wall, cards by the ton and at least one dude in a ball cap flipping through a Beckett price guide.

    Gerrard Square mall used to host monthly card shows. I was never a sports fan, but those shows in particular are some of my favorite memories as a kid. My dad would hunt for the cards he needed and there was always a plentiful supply of longboxes for me to dig through while he did. He also took me to my first comic convention: a shitty little vendor market in the basement of the Delta Chelsea that smelled like a foot and was handing out copies of WildC.A.T.S. #1 at the door.

    Fast forward to today and look at the sports card market. There isn’t one! Comic books, though, have become a juggernaut, complete with blockbuster movies, best-selling games and an unheard-of level of social acceptance! Think about it: could you have ever imagined back then that you would one day be gearing up for Iron Man 3?!? WE WON THE WAR! Geeks have come into their own. We’re not the oppressed minority. Nobody’s going to give us wedgies, wet willies or steal our lunch money.

    I’ve said a lot of negative things about FanExpo since last summer and stand by them. Hobbystar isn’t getting a nickel of my money this year (that nickel belongs to the Reversed Polarity Doctor Who convention in November!). However, I still respect the concept. Conventions like this SHOULD blend interests, because there are more types of geeks than the Big Bang Theory admits to. A sports fan with the Leaf’s logo painted on their face is the same animal as a teen girl with a Team Jacob t-shirt, or a comic nerd in a Superman costume, a gamer in Halo armor or a woman in a pants suit sipping a cosmo during Sex In The City II. It’s the same thing!

    The geek community needs to mellow out and appreciate the fact that overlapping areas of interest mean more people can enjoy the same convention. I may never have even gone to a FanExpo if I hadn’t loved those card shows my dad took me to. And those I enjoyed because some jocks made sure they had those boxes there. If you ask me, this is just the wheel coming around and it’s OUR turn do the same for them.

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