250 Random Facts About Scoop

Scoop Harry Potter 11

With this post, we have hit the 250th entry on Scoops Mental Propaganda, with the majority done by me, the Scoopmeister.  That is a nickname I have created, already vetoed by Googliebear.  So with this milestone, I am presenting a list of 250 Random Facts About Scoop, which is, in actuality only 25 Random Facts.  Because I am can be indescribable lazy.  What will the first fact be?  Read on and find out!

Number 1:

I can’t swim.  Despite school mandated swimming lessons in grade three, private lessons in grade five, and repeated attempts by Googliebear, I can only manage a dog paddle of intermittent success for a few minutes.  Sinking I do rather well.  Googliebear can swim like a fish and zip across a pool in a nanosecond.

Number 2:

The first concert I ever went to was Paul Simon’s Graceland tour with my older brother.  Knew almost nothing about his earlier work and was kinda expecting some sort of debauchery to happen.  Was led to believe that was the norm at concerts.

Number 3:

Mary-Anne ShadeI have always been a dog person.  Googliebear and I was owned by a dog for quite a long time, before she went onto the doggie afterlife.  Shade was a blast of energy and insanity virtually everyday she was with us.  RIP crazy little girl.

Number 4:

I made the first wave of real true friends in my life in high school.  So many good experiences in high school.

Number 5:

I made the second wave of real true friends in my life in college.  So many unique experiences in college.

Number 6:

I cannot read music or play the piano.  Googliebear can do both.  And she makes it seem like magic, because it truly is.  This is a wonderful skill to learn and I wish I had.

Number 7:

I can be very OCD with anal-retentiveness.  Sometimes this is a good thing, ensuring a task is completed with no worries for the future.  Other times it can be annoying with the nitpicky details that must be adhered to.  Watch me go insane when organizing massive amounts of anything and ye shall witness the good and the bad of which I speak of.

Number 8:

I have never shot a gun.  Nor do I ever intend to.

Number 9:

Riding a bike was a complete mystery to me until I turned ten.  Stopping and turning a bike remained elusive till I became eleven.  The time difference between the two encompassed many collisions with various objects causing slight ouchies.  One time with a rather large bush.

Number 10:

My protectiveness of Googliebear is massive.  If anyone dares to insult, treat her badly, talk down to, or generally disrespect her, I do not treat them kindly.  Several people have received tongue lashings from me of the sternest nature possible when they decide to bully her.  I will not stand for this.  End of story.

Number 11:

Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsOver the past two years, I have found continued reading has been very soothing to any troubles in the world.  If the reading is great, it lets my spirits soar.  If it is bad, I still get some satisfaction from what is offered.  Reading is wonderful for this joy.

Number 12:

My earliest memory is of waking up in bed in my parents old old house.  I could hear conversations downstairs, but not necessarily the exact words.  My time that morning was spent examining the walls and ceiling, looking them all over, all from the comfort of my warm cozy bed.

Number 13:

Middle school was an absolute hell for me.  Could not wait to get out of it.

Number 14:

Only once in my life have I ever been drunk.  And I paid the price by being immensely sick later that night.  When I was lying on the bed, no one ever told me that closing your eyes makes the spinning go faster.  Hence my legendary episode a few minutes on.

Number 15:

Chicken is my favourite food.  I can eat it all day.  And night.

Number 16:

When I was a wee young lad, I wrote truly stupendously awful fan fiction blatantly ripping off G.I. Joe, Transformers, Dr Who, Crisis On Infinite Earths, and Star Blazers.  The only one that came even close to being even slightly decent in it’s own right was the Star Blazers stories.

Number 17:

Googliebear and I got married in her backyard in the summer time.  A beautiful lady and a beautiful day.

Number 18:

As a young teen, I carefully followed the quite logical instructions in my Boy Scouts Manual and built a snow fort in our yard.  Took me all day in the cold, working with a ton of snow, to complete this masterpiece of engineering.  For the rest of winter we allowed the neighbourhood kids to play in it, which they gleefully did.  Loved that snow fort.

Number 19:

Math eludes me.  Always has.  Always will.

Number 20:

SMP orig 26The nickname Scoop, as I mentioned before, started in college.  My adsorption of facts and arcane knowledge of the schools layout made me somewhat of an oddity.  That and my backpack of unending supplies cemented the deal.

Number 21:

My toy collection is rather large and the result of multiple decades of ferreting out exactly what I want.  I am very picky.

Number 22:

Drawing of any kind is a skill I posses not a whit of.  People who can do art are special and should be praised.

Number 23:

One thing that will cause me to giggle like a schoolboy is flatulence jokes.  Any movie or television show entertaining this way brings out the five year old in me.

Number 24:

I listen to a metric ton of podcasts.  And I am constantly behind with them all.

Number 25:

Airplane?  Never been on one.  But helicopter and hot air balloon?  Done both.

Number 26:

Remember when I said I could not count?  Proof right here.

So I hope this list has been somewhat revealing, somewhat entertaining, and all round different.  Happy 250th post to Scoops Mental Propaganda lets see what the next 250 have to offer.


…is currently reading The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier And Clay by Michael Chabon.


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