Justice League Generation Lost: From Bwahaha To Blah

Justice League Generation Lost 1

What starts with a huge whoop ass bang ends with a mildly stifled yawn.

Which translates to mean:  Why yes I was mostly bored.

The comic series in question is the twenty four issue bi weekly comic series from DC, a spin-off from the phenomenally successful Blackest Night crossover, mixed with one last kick at the can for the Bwahaha funny Justice League.

During Blackest Night, the dead rose all around the DC universe and chaos reined, with a byproduct being the vile villain Maxwell Lord regaining his life.  This rich, manipulative, powerful man is intent on doing nasty things, and getting vengeance on Wonder Woman, the hero who killed him.  Max has no moral center, firmly believes he is in the right, and considers all other collateral damage.

Justice League Generation Lost Max LordWith an international manhunt in full swing, Max uses his mind pushing powers, which cause nasty nosebleeds, to make everyone across the globe forget he exists.  But one group of heroes, who were so close to the epicenter of this brainwashing that they became immune, remember Lord.  So he goes about discrediting them, all while moving his chess pieces around.  These heroes, Booster Gold, Fire, Ice, Captain Atom, become the vanguards of truth, and are shortly joined by the new Blue Beetle and the really new Rocket Red.

The series have this team follow Lord around, dodge his death traps, try to avoid his smears, and have all the other heroes think they are nuts.  Numerous guest stars, from Batman to the Metal Men to Power Girl pop up, some in more then one time period, and some more interesting than others.

The series started with Keith Giffen and Judd Winick as the storytellers, but Giffen quickly exits early on.  My geek senses have consumed a metric ton of Giffen work over the decades, while I have had virtually no experience with Winick al all.  To say that Winick can be polarizing is an understatement, with many saying he is an okay writer at best.  And this comic puts me heavily in that camp.

Justice League Generation Lost Blue BeetleWhile the story begins, it is exciting and intriguing and pops with an interesting premise.  Everything is set-up quickly and efficiently, and I dug every page of it.  But than Giffen departs after issue six.  And the book becomes whatever.  Early promise is frittered away and my reading becomes routine.  Supposedly shocking character changes made no sense, looking at you Ice, and some just muddy up heroes who still haven’t healed from their last time being kicked around, looking at you Captain Atom.

I get the feeling that DC wanted this to be a tent pole series, with all sorts of major developments occurring, spinning into the rest of DC Universe.  That never happened.  The ending falls flat, mostly because The New 52 was about steam role everything here out of continuity.  My spider-sense tells me Justice League: Generation Lost underperformed both creatively and commercially, so they walked away and just let it run through it’s motions.

Which is shame.  Such a great idea, with some okay characters, just goes on and on to become mundane at best.  If only the juggernaut that is Giffen stayed.  Now THAT would have been a series.


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