Potted Potter! Joy!! Joy!!! Joy!!!! Joy!!!!! Joy!!!!!!

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It is hard to describe the amazing, side-splitting, incredible time I had.  It was almost as great as going to Hogwarts.  If I were to go to the theater, shout “Accio Fun!” this would be the result.

I am of course going on about Potted Potter.  Long may they reign.

In the beginning, their was the epic Harry Potter seven book series, which this Muggle finally read this past summer and am now an insane fan for, written by the immortal J.K. Rowling.

With the rapidly expanding fanbase over the years, loving tributes of all types began popping up.  Starting up years before the final book was released, Dan and Jeff created the perfect parody, Potted Potter, which kept expanding as the last two volumes came out.

Which means the show, as it now stands very ably, promises “All Seven Harry Potter Books In Seventy Hilarious Minutes!”  They also claim to deliver “A Live Game Of Quidditch!”

Potted Potter gives us all this, and more, much more, with hysterical results.  This is literally the funniest show I have seen in years, made all the better with it’s loving tribute/parody of our favourite boy wizard.

Potted Potter Display 2We start off, of course, with book one and establishing our cast of characters.  And since all who is on stage is Dan and Jeff, they also play all the parts.  This is how it should be, giving the performance a certain layer of intimacy and camaraderie, bringing even the parents in attendance who have never taken in Harry Potter into the journey.

Also helping with this mission of lunacy is the rule breaking of ignoring the theater fourth wall.  Acknowledging, talking to, taunting, and polling the audience becomes second nature to Dan and Jeff as they barrel along at 100 miles per hour.  The magnum opus of this tactic comes when they do deliver the live Quidditch match.  I cannot, dare not, reveal the secret of how they pull this magic off, least a spell of Avada Kedavra be cast my way.  But they do indeed pull it off!  And for the match, I was put onto the Gryffindor side.  Cue internal squeal of happiness!

One of the other fun parts of the show are the little asides peppered all throughout, sometimes local jokes, sometimes more obscure humour from the original British productions.  I have a strong premonition I was the only one who got the “Bright Eyes” quip partway though.  Made me feel like a proud geek.

With all this accumulated humour pounded away into my brain, it still drives me wacky that I cannot annunciate fully to anyone the experience of this show.  For instance, I recognized the song associated with Dobby, but for the love of Hedwig cannot remember what it is.  Even my friend @AinslieKeith, who took in the show with me and loved it as well, could not recall the song.  Someday it will jumble out and fill me with several minutes of joy.

And that is the true magic and wonderment of Potted Potter.  So much of its power stays with you for so long.

Potted Potter is the next best thing to your Hogwarts letter coming.


…is currently reading The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier And Clay by Michael Chabon.

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