The Nobody: Truth On Sight

Nobody Cover

Can a man who wants to be lost disappear into a quiet town?  Or will everyone see him for what he truly is?  Especially one teen girl?

Questions of identity and how our past forms it are central to Jeff Lemire’s graphic novel The Nobody, a modern day retelling of the tale of the Invisible Man.

Lemire sets his story in the really small town called Large Mouth.  Our man with the invisible identity shows up, all bandaged up and acting quiet and unobtrusive, and holes up in a motel room.  His quest for a cure for his condition is constantly on his mind, along with the psychological effects of being see through.  Alleviating this mental distress is a lonely teen girl named Vickie, who is fascinated by this stranger.  They share companionship, all to fix their mutual emotional baggage.

Nobody 1As their chaste friendship grows, rumours and trouble swirl around our invisible protagonist, all concluding in an epic battle, both psychological and physical.  Will our obscure scientist survive?  Will our lonely teen girl survive?  And will the town learn to see the truth?

Lemire brings his film school education to the fore with this story.  Virtually every page seeps with emotion and pacing of classic cinema films, all in service of this quiet, sad tale.  The high point of happiness for our players in The Nobody is the moments they just hang out, watch television, and enjoy the silence.

In so many ways, the identity of our bandaged newcomer in turmoil is partly from his condition, and partly from how this situation came about.  We suspect he has lost a good semblance of sanity because of all his losses, and his quest for a cure will really only solve one problem, not the others.

Vickie is seeking his friendship for a whole other reason.  She lives with parental issues, private matters that the entire town, population 754, know all to readily about.  This strange newcomer is not apart of this vicious gossipy circle of denial, making him an oasis of nirvana for her troubles.

Lemire brings us a great claustrophobic tale of The Nobody, a man who has lost himself in more ways than one.  Along for the ride is a companion also trying to find her centre.  Two souls seeking peace.  But only they can see what they need.  Themselves.


…is currently reading The Amazing Adventures Of Kavalier And Clay by Michael Chabon.

P.S.  I interviewed Jeff Lemire about his work in March 2012.

Nobody 2


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