Wreck-It Ralph: One Really Cool Dude.


You gotta feel sorry for Ralph.  No one treats him nice, invites him to parties, or even gives him a medal.  What does a lonely, misunderstood bad guy have to do to get some love?

Sigh.  I just want to go give Ralph a big ole hug.  Preferably before he wrecks the place.

Wreck It Ralph Gonna Wreck ItWreck-It Ralph, for those who are even later to the game then me, is a Disney animated movie about a community of video games in an arcade.  The characters interact, hang-out, and do all sorts of fun activities while the arcade is closed at night.  Enter the game Fix-It Felix, Jr.  Wreck-It Ralph is a big man who trashes an apartment building, all while Felix undoes the damage.  But Ralph is disgruntled with his role and decides to do the unthinkable and game jump, all to prove his worth as a hero.

To say the first game jump is not a complete success is an understatement.  This disaster leads to another game jump, and more chaos.  And I may never look at candy the same way again.

Wreck It Ralph GlitchThe plot thickens, characters are developed, shocking surprises occur, people are in hot pursuit, and the funniest cutest Glitch ever will keep you laughing.  Seriously, Glitch needs her own movie.

The story even veers into meta territory, much like Toy Story does, with the nature of existence being questioned and the characters playing their programming to the hilt for their audience.  In fact, you could really watch this one twice.  Once just for the pure fun and joy of the story of Ralph, and another time just to see the world building going on.

Plans are already afoot for a Wreck-It Ralph 2, which pleases my Geek mind to no end.  What will happen to Ralph next?  What grand quest of self discovery, measured out with a healthy dose of wanton destruction, will Ralph embark on next?  And how will the electronic world of the arcade games grow and evolve?  My mind boggles with the possibilities.

Wreck-It Ralph, you dastardly bad guy you.  You are my hero.


…is currently reading Once Every Never by Lesley Livingston.

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