Scoops TCAF Adventures 2013!!


And yes, I did just refer to myself in the third person in the title.  Again.

But my peculiarities aside, just a few days ago I embarked to downtown Toronto, went to the massive Reference Library, and for two days straight took in the magic of TCAF, this year held on May 11th and 12th.

Scott Pilgrim 1TCAF is a comic art festival for all sorts of independent and smaller publishers.  No DC or Marvel here.  This year the annual event had as featured guests Art Spiegelman (creator of Maus), Bryan Lee O’Malley (creator of Scott Pilgrim), Jamie and Gilbert Hernandez (creators of Love and Rockets), and Raina Telgemeier (creator of Smile and Drama).

While I have consumed all things Scott Pilgrim last summer, and Maus several years ago, Love and Rockets was only made my acquaintance back in June or so.  Selected bits of Smile had graced my eyes over the years, but never fully.  Armed with this knowledge, I ventured to TCAF with a plan all set to get everyone everywhere done.  And see all my friends as well.

With proper priorities, I ended up dropping most of the seminars I had aimed for, just to hang out with my peeps.  Sunday, with less people present, I managed to get some signings done, but not all.

TCAF 2013 Sammi Natalia MeI start with Saturday morning, when I found @strawberryfinn and proceeded to look at the comics.  Shortly after, @Taliana83 found us and the two combined to create strangeness in my humble life.  Our journeys took us to Faith Erin Hicks booth, and a chance encounter with TCAF 2013 Natalia Ainslie Me 2@Wwxkev.  Shortly hereafter Strawberry had to take her leave, and scant minutes later, my old friend Sean came back (he had been in and out already) with his son.  They had seen Bill Amend from the Foxtrot strip that morning, and were now back for more shopping.  At this point, @AinslieKeith popped by, and had lunch with Tal and I.  As the afternoon wore on, I bumped into my brother @davidtgriches, bid goodbye to Ainslie, and finally snapped up my copies of Smile and Drama, and got them signed by the incredible Raina Telgemeier.  During this fun Wwxkev found us again, and later had the enjoyment of witnessing my Geek Out when I stumbled upon the Jamie Hernandez signing.  My three treasured issues of Love and Rockets (only 47 more to go!!) now have his autograph.

TCAF 2013 Year One Ramsey Beyer Nothing To Lose Vanessa SatoneTo finish off my day, we went around to booths filled with comics I had never heard of.  Trying something new, I got Year One by Ramsey Beyer and Nothing to lose by Vanessa Satone.  Random randomness to spice up my readings.

Sunday at noon started with a downer, missing the Spiegelman signing giving me a sad face.  The Scott Pilgrim signing became more and more remote as the day wore on, which did not surprise me because of the popularity of this great series.

TCAF 2013 Alex gf Sam MeA happy face soon came to me, as @OS_blogger and his lovely girlfriend met me at the doors.  This produced an hour-long conversation ranging from Once Upon A Time to Batman’s psychology to her unique jewelry.  Much fun and merriment!

At this point, my “stalking” of Gilbert Hernandez started in earnest.  Picked up his latest work, Marble Season, and soon after met the man himself.  Incoherent Geek babbling tends to occur when I meet the greats, and this time I managed to only appear half crazed.

Tis now the end of the day, and my tired weary Geek body headed home.  Comics to read lived in my backpack and episodes of Dr Who and Once Upon A Time lay in my future.

Much Geek Happiness Abound!!


…is currently reading Once Every Never by Lesley Livingston.

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  1. David T.G. Riches says:

    Shouldn’t there be an apostrophe after the s in “Scoops TCAF Adventures 2013!!” to sow that it’s our possession?

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