A message to annoyed friends and family

A young woman holding a large pile of books covering her face

Guest Post by the Wonderful @rebeccahh95

I, without restraint, correct people with a pronunciation of words and there meanings.

I don’t do this because I feel I am better than you, or that I want you to feel stupid.

I do this because I am insane.

I hear a word being used the wrong way and I NEED to correct you.

Okay, to help put this in perspective; it is like you have the urge to cough and it is building up in your throat. That scratchy, itchy brings-tears-to-your-eyes sort of cough that you hold in. Yes I can cough a little, whisper the misused word to myself as to not insult you. But like a cough, I need to get it out.

You will find me like this:

Person: “God this is fustrating…”

Me: “fus. Fustrating? Fuh-strating…. its FRUS. FRUSTRATING. WITH AN R. FRRRRRRUSTRATING.

Person: “……”

Me: “I’m sorry. …”

So to let those who have experienced this blatant rude outburst from me know… I don’t mean to belittle you or be a know-it-all. I don’t feel like it’s a competition to spot how many wrong things I can correct, or to cause conflict just for the sake of a good fight. For all I know you’re pronunciation/view is probably right, because, hey I might read a lot but that does not make me intelligent. It makes me a person stuck in the world of fantasy and fiction. My brain is mostly occupied with books rather than one-on-one, a world where words, and how they are used, are most important. Most of the time I am stuck in that world, and then I hear that mispronounced word or misused word, or a piece of information that I believe to be right emerging from the mists of reality… and my whole brain will burst from its daydream (more times than none in inappropriately serious conversations) and scream:


Woman in library aisleaaaaaand this results in a wrong interpretation of my character. I’ve been called (mostly by my sister) a know-it-all. Now, in order for me to be a know-it-all, I would have to know-it-all! which I really don’t! You may say something about soccer… I having read several books in which the main character is involved with it, will blurt out any information I gained from reading. Which absolutely could be wrong because some of these books are very dated. You see, I am just the result of my literature, a Frankenstein. I have ripped and sewn on the mannerisms, and reactions of so many charters that I have become a monster of emotions and personality types.

(If you are still reading this long rant that I meant to be a paragraph kudos to you because I am almost done.)

Ignore this weird quirk of mine, because I want you to know that I wholeheartedly believe you are better than me. I LOVE that you have your own spin on definitions of words, LOVE that you have taught yourself the pronunciation of a word based off how you have been raised (It shows rebellion and I dig that kid). So it breaks my heart to correct you. Breaks my heart for you to feel stupid or ignorant because of me. And breaks my heart that you believe I am any better than you.

I promise to try and stop this thing that has made so many of my loved ones feel degraded. I tied a bow around my pinky so I won’t forget!

(Hooray! you have reached the end of the largest status I have ever posted! wee!)


RebeccahhHello. This is my guest post and this is me. I was born in 1995, so my age changes every year. I enjoy novels and television and will be attending U of T in order to get my BA in literature and religious studies.  You can see my blog here and my twitter @rebeccahh95 here.




Scoop here:  I have gently been cajoling/badgering the well read Rebecca to do a guest post AND create her own blog for quite a long time.  This missive was originally a very very long facebook status update, but a little nudging from moi helped land it into the great and vast internet.  Now go check out Rebecca’s wonderful blog!


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