Jinx 2: Still Growing Up

Jinx 2 cover

When last we left off, our plucky heroine Lil Jinx was all grown up.  Almost!

And that is what makes this great story all the more great!

Lil Jinx, as noted the last time we met her, is an Archie character who has been bouncing around for decades.  Created by Joe Edwards, she was a precocious little child who mixed sports and wackiness and quirky bunch of friends in what was essentially a gag strip.  But with the sweeping changes and modernizations of the Archie line over the last few years, Jinx’s turn finally came up, with previews of the new her being showcased in Life With Archie magazine.

So now she is fourteen and still arguing with her dad, all in a real, not ideal, world.

Jinx 2 ohWith this volume, subtitled Little Miss Steps, we pick up some months later and our spunky teen is facing a triple threat to her sanity.  Baseball tryouts are coming up, the first high school dance is looming, and a constantly delayed meeting with her mother is causing aggravation.  If it wasn’t for her friends and her trusty texting ability, would she survive the problems she faces?

To compound all this, the secret of why her mother has been MIA from the old strip is neatly retconned away, providing much drama and angst for Jinx.  All of my amateur guesses proved wrong, and even my gentle prying when I interviewed writer J Torres at FanExpo could not produce any clues.  Now we have the crux of so many future storylines, thrusting Jinx even more into our world.

Jinx 2 textBringing this amazing tale to us is aforementioned writer, Canadian J Torres, who does an admirable job making Jinx and her cadre all pop off the page at us.  Artist Rick Burchett brings a very distinctive look and feel to these emotional adventures, powering so many feelings into each face and body language.  Combined these two are unbeatable.  While Jinx volumes are released digitally first, then in a printed trade shortly thereafter, so much of Jinx demands to come out more often.  Yearly for these doses are not enough.

Part of this, ahem, request of mine is not solely because I want to see way more adventures of Jinx and her crew, and fill in the alluded to backstories of so many of them, but because of all the wonderful plot threads just awaiting further development.  The big glaring one now is the continuing saga of Jinx’s relationship with her mother.  But from the first volume, we still have that darn thimble issue to deal with.  And what about Jinx’s uncanny ability to tick off every so-called authority figure around her?  Will she eventually prove they are all the idiots we know them to be?  Or will the infernal bad tempered twits take the wily Jinx and succeed in “normalizing” her.

I hope not.  Jinx is an unique and amazing person.  She is fun to be around, has great friends, and loves life to the fullest.  And she has great taste in reading material and ringtone.  It is so Jinx!


…is currently reading Once Every Never by Lesley Livingston.

Yet Again, Jinx Today…

Jinx 2 back cover

And Yet Again, Jinx Yesterday…

Lil Jinx Original



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