Two Random Thoughts On Happy Second Birthday Scoops Mental Propaganda

Happy Second Birthday

On this wonderful day, a very special day is celebrated.  No, not Arbour Day Charlie Brown, nor is it Life Day my young Padawan.

No, today is the second birthday of this here blog, Scoops Mental Propaganda!!

Two entire years ago, I ventured out of the shell of twitter and into the wide world of blogging.  The ride has been exhilarating, crazy, and very illuminating.  And on this day, I thought I would give you my two random thoughts on this amazing birthday.  Some of which may ever be rational.

Happy Second BirthdayThrough SMP, and its sister site on twitter, Scoopriches, I have met many lovely people.  Too many to list (they know who they are), and have had several interesting adventures.  Well, adventures is what someone my age would call it.  The interwebs may be a strange place filled with strange people, but I have found some lovely Muggles to cherish.

Happy Second BirthdayBecause of my dogged determination, sheer force of will, and constant harassment, three friends of mine have braved the online world and started blogs of their own.  Proud?  Yep.  These Tributes have only just started showing the world what they can do, and I look forward to their continued greatness.  Finding hidden talent is always a gift, and darn I was lucky to find these people.  All three of these bloggers are incredible.  Try here, here, and here for fun.

Happy Second BirthdayMy third thought (Wait, three?  Yes, I can’t count) is just all about the sheer amount of fun doing SMP is.  Besides all the serious posts, short stories, and photo albums, sometimes it is okay, to do what Ira Glass from This American Life suggests.  Just have some fun.  Whether it is writing a review in a different, but still appropriate way, or just goofing off abit with a comical miscalculation.  Just like this third thought.  Sometimes bloggers just wanna have fun.

So with these two, er, three thoughts, I conclude my rambly rants and celebrate Scoops Mental Propaganda’s Second Birthday.  Might have some cake, might look outside for my Owl Mail letter from Hogwarts, or just might grab my towel and try to hitch a ride with a Tardis.  Who knows?

And BTW, Thank You All For Reading!


…is currently reading Every Never After by Lesley Livingston.


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One Response to Two Random Thoughts On Happy Second Birthday Scoops Mental Propaganda

  1. David T.G. Riches says:

    Today is also the National Day of Action for Sex Workers.

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