Twelve Random Thoughts On The Pixar Short Films Part Two!!

PixarShorts2One of the many glorious things that the almighty Pixar has done is to revive the animated short.  A collection of the first bunch are already available, and some time ago a dvd with the second bunch was released.  These little animated gems will make you laugh and cry, all at the same time.

Your Friend the Rat

Remy from Ratatouille gives us a brief overview of the illustrious history of the lowly rat.  Informative, but not for the squeamish.


If you are a famous magician, what is the one thing you never ever want to do?  Maybe tick off your partner, the rascally rabbit?  One of my favs of all time.


The chaos and adventure of Wall-E is shown through the eye of a dutiful repair bot.  Prepare to be amazed as our brave little machine tries its best to get the job done.  Count the sci-fi references!

Partly Cloudy

Being a stork delivering babies is a wonderful occupation, working in tandem with the clouds who puff the kids into existence.  A magical tale full of giggles.

Up Dugs Special MissionDug’s Special Mission

We get a glimpse of what Dug was doing right before we meet him in Up!  And he is having a SQIRREL!!  Oh, sorry, I mean a really bad day as he tries his best.  SQUIRREL!!

George & A.J.

Also from the classic UP!  Whatever happened to the two guys from the beginning who were about to take Carl away?  Glad you asked!

Day & Night

Hey daddio, this cool little ditty is kinda exploring some really wacky ideas and concepts and makes ya think, man.  Like, what if Day and Night actually, you know, met?

Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation


Toy Story Hawaiian Vacation

Barbie and Ken show up at Woody, Buzz, Jesse and company’s new home, all ready for a Hawaiian vacay.  But they are not in that sunny climate.  The toys come to the rescue of Ken’s dashed dream!  Love this one.

Air Mater

This Cars spinoff launching pad is all about Mater joining an aerial act.  You will believe a truck can fly.

Toy Story Small Fry

Buzz is replaced by a mini me duplicate.  The toys must save him.  Meanwhile, Buzz is cajoled into a therapy group.  Yet another classic.

Time Travel Mater

Another set up a Cars spinoff, again with Mater.  He pulls a Dr Who and goes all Timey-Wimey.

La LunaLa Luna

A truly wonderful gem of a story.  A young boy joins the family business of sweeping up the moon, all while finding his own way.  Definitely a Little Prince vibe here.

With each new Pixar movie we get another short.  My waiting for these makes me become an impatient child.  The next collection may be years and years away, but we all known it shall be epic.


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