Every Never After: Another Time Travel Adventure To Shimmer To

Every Never AfterWe open at Glastonbury Tor, located again somewhere in the presentish Britain, where two friends of ours are gathering at a table and chairs, awaiting some tea.  It is Earl Grey of course, and is accessorized with a bowl full of custard.  Off to the side is an old police box, which is really a Tardis, to those in the know.

Having settled into their seats, The Doctor wearing a fez and Hermione putting away her wand, are now pulling out their books.

The Doctor:  I now call to order this meeting of the Lesley Livingston Pan-Dimensional Time Travellers Fan Club.  Roll Call:  The Doctor.  HERE!  Herm-

Hermione:  You did that last time.  Are you repeating yourself just to annoy me?

The Doctor:  No.  Yes.  Maybe.  Which answer would be the most fun?

Hermione 2Hermione:  I am so thanking Dumbledore for advising me to not travel with you.  Anyway, today we are discussing the second book in a series by writer Lesley Livingston, the wonderful Every Never After.

The Doctor:  Yes!  Lesley!  She of the magical ability!  We get more time travel in this story, more action, more romance, more ethical dilemmas, and more of that wacky villain who should be best left in a bag.  That fellow is more of a git than the Slitheen.

Hermione:  Agreed.  This time Clare, Allie and Milo are on an archeological dig when another time travel adventure happens.  This time it is Allie who ”shimmers” a thousand years into the past and becomes embroiled in a war.

The Doctor:  And meets a cute boy!  With issues!  And has to navigate supernatural menaces from all around her!  Quite dangerous and all that.

Hermione:  You make it sound so not serious!  Allie has to survive all these calamities, help out a young man coming to grips with his problems and avoid the brutal might of the invading Roman Empire.  This is a lot to take in, and unlike the last time, no help from the present day is in the offing.  Allie is stranded.  And does not even know the universe itself is in peril.

The Doctor:  Been there, done that…

Hermione:  Ignoring you.  I also feel for Clare and Milo, who are panicking in the here and now, trying to save Allie.  It is wonderful how layers upon layers of strange plot developments fit together like a demented puzzle.  Time travel can be so enthralling as well!

Doctor Who 11thThe Doctor:  I know!  I think Lesley Livingston must have been peeking at my old Time Travel 101 textbook!  I understood all of it of course, and quite love how yet again that internetty thingie is used by Milo to find out how to save the day.

Hermione:  I still think a good solid spell would have retrieved the valuable information.  But it is good to see her friends are working vigourously to fix everything.  You must have had similar adventures yourself at times Doctor?

The Doctor:  Last Tuesday.  And the Tuesday before that.  Come to think of it, I have had a lot of Tuesdays like that.  For amateurs, Allie and Clare do quite well avoiding arrows and being executed.  Give them enormous credit I do.

Hermione:  Agreed again.  You are being so much more cordial this week Doctor!  Is it the addition of the custard?

The Doctor:  Custard is great!  And so is Every Never After.  Lesley continues to plumb into social issues galore with this series.  It is gutsy to show the war from Once Every Never from the opposite side of the sword.  Even through it happened a thousand years before, the geopolitics exhibited are unfortunately still very timely.

Hermione:  Dumbledore has said that before as well.  But the story also retains its edge of strange humour that you and Ron find interesting.  The parts with the YouTube comments alone are priceless.  And very accurate.

The Doctor:  Yes!  And I can’t wait for when YouTube becomes holographic in 2016.  That is epic!  But yet again Hermione, we should get going back to our respective universes.  Maybe next time we can pop into Clare, Allie’s and Milo’s part of existence and give a hello.

March 2013 Comic Livingston 2Hermione:  That would be interesting.  But I have a question for you Doctor.  Why did Scoop pick us to help him review these books?

The Doctor:  Oh that is an easy one!  To his sensibilities Lesley’s books would appeal to anyone who likes following my adventures as The Doctor and your adventures as Hermione.

Hermione:  You mean in that other universe where people think we are fictional characters, just like Clare, Allie and Milo are to us?

The Doctor:  Yes, that place!

Hermione and the Doctor glance up at the reader, each waving with one hand while holding Every Never After in the other.  Somewhen off in the background a “shimmer’ effect is happening…


…is currently reading Superman: The Dailies 1939-1942 by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.


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