Scoop Meets Kid Scoop, A Fiction About Scoops Fiction

FP Quill

“You know this story is a total ripoff of Crisis On Infinite Earths?  And that one is really Transformers, that one G.I. Joe, and that one is your awful version of Dr Who.  The only stories here with even an ounce of originality and creativity is your riff on StarBlazers.  Gotta admit this one, reworked abit, might actually have a future, and one without litigation.”

This is Scoop 2013, flipping through an old binder plucked out of a bankers box.  Pages upon pages of Who’s Who entries for all these characters and concepts, all completely based on popular media properties of the early early eighties.  All proving, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Kid Scoop was pulling a young Stephen King.  Yes, Kid Scoop was a preteen plagiarist.  And really bad at it, as well.

1 GK BB MacDonald HallStanding just a few short feet away, all shimmery like the memory he is, is Kid Scoop.  All short and skinny and pimply and with a mouth full of braces, Kid Scoop clutches a whack of New Teen Titans comics in one hand and a Gordon Korman book in the other.  Kid Scoop knows Scoop 2013 is speaking truth to power, it is obvious even to his mostly clueless pubescent self.

“Yeah, I know, but man they are such good stories.  I really wish I could tell stories like that.  Full of great characters having amazing adventures in incredible places.  That would be so cool.”

Scoop 2013 raises an eyebrow, noticing this mind fragment called Kid Scoop does not stutter like the real him did back than.  How you remember yourself is always interesting.  Looking back down at the pages, Scoop 2013 sighs and smiles, than closes up the ancient thirty year old binder.

“Not bad in a lot of ways.  Very productive and kudos for being so well organized, through you were always kinda OCD that way.  But don’t be so hard on yourself, writing ripoffs and fanfic is where so many people start with creativity.  No shame in that.  The next step, the big step, is moving beyond that and making something that is completely and entirely your own.”

Crisis On Infinite EarthsKid Scoop nods in sage agreement, even through that fact still has not really burned itself into his consciousness yet.  Kid Scoop has not yet encountered Peter David and Neil Gaiman and Judy Blume and J.K. Rowling, all wonderful and influential writers who have slapped his brain over the years.  Scoop 2013 kinda feels jealous of the future his younger self is about to find.

“Is that difficult?  To venture out, to make something that is totally me?  And will anyone care?”

Scoop 2013 smiles and shakes his head.  Over the years Scoop 2013 has heard this question about 42 million times, give or take a few.  Everybody, young or old, novice or experienced, has always stared at the blank page and asked if their stories are worth telling.  And can they do it?  Pluck that vague idea out of their head and wrestle it down into a coherent thought?

“Yes.  Yes.  But that is part of the joy and pain of writing.  Often it flows out of you, and often it fights like a dickens.  You got to start with an idea and then flesh it out.  And hopefully you can flesh it out enough that you love it.  Okay, maybe like it.  Mostly probably tolerate it.  But eventually, you release it into the world.  It becomes a part of everyone.”

Kid Scoop is staring slack jawed and full of awe.  Scoop 2013 looks so cool and courageous to his young mind.  This him is obviously overflowing with pep and vinegar for writing and creativity.  Someone who is overjoyed with putting pen to paper.

“Do we do it?  Write stories?  Create?  Let the world see what we are capable of?”

Scoop 2013 pats the binder.

“Not with these stories, which are the foundation for so much of what we do.  But we do write many short stories, and one continuing one, that people are reading.  More stories are always popping into our thoughts, and hopefully we can bring them forth soon.  It’s exciting.  We have done well.”

Kid Scoop lovingly holds his comics and book.

“Wow!  That is incredible!  High five!”

Scoop 2013 and Kid Scoop ran up to each other, meeting in the middle.  An enormous high five is exchanged.

Both know they are stars in Scoops Mental Propaganda’s 300th post, all about the joy and excitement Scoop has from writing fiction these days.  It is truly been a wonderful addition to my life and my blog.

Thank you for reading.


…is currently reading In Other Worlds by Margaret Atwood.

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