Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter and Neville Longbottom

JK Rowling

Happy Birthday!!!

At this point last year, I was nose deep in the Harry Potter series, all for the first time.  This admission still causes me much shame.  So when July 31st rolled around, I could only half celebrate the milestone that it is for the fandom at large.

But this year is different!  For this year I am no longer a simple Muggle, for now I am a full fledged Wizard!  So on we go to party like a Hufflepuff!

To start with, Happy Birthday J.K. Rowling!  You are amazing, incredible and amazing.  Got to say that twice, because that is how wonderful you are!

Next, Happy Birthday Harry Potter!  You are The Boy Who Lived, The Young Man Who Won A War, and A Great Father To Lovely Children.  Despite all the travails and tragedies that plagued your young life, you persevered and saved the day.

And finally, Happy Birthday to Neville Longbottom!  You are the Gryffindor with the most spirit, the most love, and the most tenacity living in your heart.

So to celebrate, here is my list of Top Ten Ways To Have A Hogwarts Day:

Ron when he was nicer.

1.  Drink lots and lots of Butterbeer.  I have seen tons of recipes for this beverage online, but none have quite hit the spot.  My quest for this shall continue unabated.

2.  Listen to the Mugglecast podcast.  Now, I have never heard an episode yet, so I am an idiot, but I have been told this show is great.

3.  Point my wand into a bustling crowd, shout “Accio Idiot!” and see who comes over to you.  Hours and hours of fun, and very handy to help identify all the morons in the world.

Ginny Weasley Quidditch4.  Put on your cloak, grab your broom, go up on your roof.  Then jump off and play Quidditch!  Now, this is NOT guaranteed to work, but you never know!

5.  Randomly give out House Points to people you know on twitter, facebook, myspace (wait, myspace?) and give them for completely non-sensical reasons.

6.  Go and find Umbridge.  Proceed to beat the living magic out of her.  All of fandom will applaud you.

Hogwarts Students7.  Have a huge party in the Room Of Requirement.  Music, food, ghosts and the DA shall all be in attendance.

8.  Spend three hours having a conversation with Luna.  She is one of the best characters ever in the series, so who would not want to spend time with her?

Luna Lovegood9.  Use a Time Turner inside of the Tardis.  All to cause a space time rift which will eliminate Tom Riddle from existence.  Or it will make Hermione the next Doctor.

10.  Hang out with Hagrid.  That’s it.  Hang out with one the coolest dudes ever.

11.  Knit some socks for S.P.E.W.   This way, you can celebrate and do something nice and worthwhile for a good cause.

With that, I conclude my Top Ten List, which is actually a Top Eleven List.  I unfortunately never learned to count during my time at Hogwarts.

To all the Harry Potter fans, let us commemorate the wonderful birthdays of J.K., Harry and Neville.  Go forth with your own list and make the day magical.

Hedwig would demand it.


…is currently reading In Other Worlds by Margaret Atwood.


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