Three Random Thoughts On Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox Cartoon

Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox

The Flashpoint comic maxi-series came out over two years ago and was the tool used by DC Comics to reboot everything into The New 52 Universe.  The story had a main component, starring the Flash, and tons of spinoffs.  This animated movie is a compressed adaptation of that massive sprawling epic.  And Superman is in to!

Superman S SymbolWhat Happens?

Flash has a usual day of fighting villains and saving the city, all with the help of his pals in the Justice League.  Next he wakes up and the world is completely different.  And awful.  Atlantis and Paradise Island are fighting a devastating war over in Europe.  Superman and Green Lantern do not exist.  And Batman uses guns and kills people.  Flash must somehow regain his powers, save the world, and put right what went wrong.

Superman S SymbolWhat Superman Does?

In the Flashpoint reality?  Not a whole lot.  Flash hopes finding Kal-El will help win the battle, but instead a twist of fate causes havoc.  For those looking for an almost complete redo of what Superman is, this story will fit your bill.  Another scene later in the movie reinforces this sideways version.  A concept to make Geeks think.

Superman S SymbolWhat About The Violence?

One nitpick I have with this film is the amped up violence.  Deaths galore occur, blood is spilt, and some gore is evident.  Young kids or sensitive children might not enjoy it as much because of this.

With the teaser at the end, all to promote the next animated feature Justice League War, DC has also moved its cartoon verse firmly into The New 52 as well.  This movie might be a good jumping on point for Geeks who want to see what that is all about.


…is currently reading Enemies and Allies by Kevin J. Anderson.

P.S.  This post is one of several I hope to do this year to celebrate the 75th Birthday of Superman.  Happy Birthday Kal-El!  Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

P.P.S.  Superman Man Of Steel opened Friday, June 14th 2013.  For an indepth look at the creation of this landmark movie, check out Jeffrey Taylor’s columns.

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