Our Long Road To Our Town

Our Town movie

Taking the direct route is quite often not as much fun.  That is something Rebeccahh95 and I have discovered.

And with thought firmly in place, ye shall now hear the long and winding tale of how the two of us did our first Book Blogger Read-A-Long to the classic play Our Town.  So grab some fresh iced tea and a bowl of popcorn, and let’s find out how another day’s begun.

The play Our Town always seemed to exist just out of my perceptions.  I had heard out it every once in awhile for years and decades in whispers and thoughts.  Always something I should read.  Always something that would make you think.  But, in my weak defense, so many reading and viewing pleasures fall into this immense area, that my lists of essential reads has become quite lengthy.

My So-Called Life Angela ChaseMy first real brush up against Our Town occurred in mid 1990’s.  Being a recent college graduate and having abit more time to indulge in the pop culture I had missed over the last while, I started watching reruns of the one season wonder called My So-Called Life.  Fans of this amazing television experience will now glow with recognition of the adventures of Angela Chase and her posse.  Late in the run, the character Rayanne gets a part in the school production of Our Town, but due to plot complications, has no one to celebrate with.  The end of the episode has Rayanne and her estranged friend Angela having to read the finale of Our Town in a rehearsal.  To say it is emotional and heartfelt and full of impact is an understatement.  And the special part was, the people who had already read Our Town, wept even more.  They understood.  They were already enlightened.  They had a zen edge over the rest of us plebians.

After this, time passed, glaciers came and went, and life moved on.

Until Rebecahh95 showed up.

RebeccahhWaaaaay back in my college days, I had friended a wonderful young lady named Michelle.  The years after school ended had us lose touch until the advent of facebook cured that.  As the years went by after the reconnect, I happened to bump into a young lady several times who professed to know me.  Turns out her aunt is Michelle and she is a voracious reader.  And I do mean voracious.  Books slammed into her consciousness at superspeed and are quickly processed into wonderful insights.  Not all of this was evident at first, but became clear to me about two years ago when Rebecahh95 decided to follow me.  On twitter that is.  After that, I received a glimpse into her mindset I mentioned earlier.

After this, time passed, glaciers came and went, and life moved on.

Until several months ago.

I finished a book, one I cannot name least I give away a plot point, and Our Town played a part.  Around this time, the movie of Our Town, made oh so long ago, was shown on television.

With fresh and new eyes, I experienced Our Town for the first time ever.

And promptly feel in love with it.  The characters, the stories, the staging, the philosophy, and the spiritual ending all piled into my soul and whispered “do you understand?”

And very shortly after it started, I realized an unmovable truth.  Rebecahh95 would love this as well.

So about a month ago, after a couple of hinting tweets to Rebecahh95, I finally got right to the point.  During one of my semi-irregular visits with her, dropping off a whack of comics and books and whatnot for extended loans, I brought up Our Town.

A quick sidenote before we get back to our twin storylines.  Due to my Geek spider sense and supernatural loaning ability, Rebecahh95 is now abit of a Gail Simone groupie and is immersed into The New52’s World’s Finest.  Knew that would happen.  Now back to our regularly scheduled post.

I told her more about Our Town and brought up the idea of us doing a Book Blogger Read-A-Long.  Agreements were reached and time was set in the near future.  Until the inevitable complications arised.  She insisted our books be the exact same version.  My Amazon copy arrived, but Rebecahh95 could not find Our Town anywhere she looked.  This was solved when I scored the play from the library and dropped it off for her.

And then we read.

With this tale of the universe now completed, you shall all see the results of out labours this Thursday.  Here on Scoops Mental Propaganda and on Just Another Blog, we each will have reviews of Our Town up.

We loved this exercise and are planning on doing it again in the future.  Rebecahh95 has made the choice of The Fault Is In Our Stars by John Green.  My history with that one is much, much less, and I am sure Rebecahh95’s is in the same position.

Which gives us both a tale with a lot less baggage.  And that is great as well.


…is currently reading The Brave and the Bold Volume 1 and 2 by Mark Waid, George Perez and Jerry Ordway.


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