Three Random Thoughts On FanExpo 2013

Now That Is A Statue!!

Now That Is A Statue!!

Next weekend I shall be entranced and entrenched by the magic and merriment of FanExpo 2013!  I shalt be spending days upon days zipping through fellow Geeks and meeting comic creators by the ton!  It shalt be Legend – Wait For It – Dary!!

FREE HUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From Stan Lee to Louise Simonson to Walter Simonson to Jack Briglio to J. Torres to Lesley Livingston to Nathan Fillion to Carrie Fisher to George Takei to Zachary Quinto to Stephen Amell to Dean Cain to Nichelle Nichols to, well, you get the idea.  And I am going to get interviews with each and every one of them.  Yeah right!

Hello Captain America!!


All through the weekend my twitter feed will be filled with pictures and updates and almost funny jokes.  The one hitch is if they solved the reception problem in the building, which might delay quite a few updates.  That was a bit of an issue last year.

These Hobbits Are Walking Into Mordor!!!!

Comic Geek Speak!!!

Coming up from the states to visit our fair country is the godfathers of geekery.  Jamie D, Brian and Murd will be in attendance and would love you to come by and say hello.  Also the Legion of Substitute Podcasters and Comics Speakeasy will be roaming the floors.  Great Geeks All!

So if see a dude decked out in Hawaiian garb and looking gleeful, it is I, getting my geek on!


…is currently reading The Brave and the Bold Volume 1 and 2 by Mark Waid, George Perez and Jerry Ordway.

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  1. David T.G. Riches says:

    So you have your ticket then?

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